Yoong Tong Thai celebrates rebranding as La Miette La Mai Thai Bistro


Executive chef Wachira T Sittikong cuts a ribbon during a celebration of recent renovations this week. (Photo / Dakota Antelman)

NORTHBOROUGH – Staff at La Miette La Mai Thai Bistro cut the ribbon on December 29 to mark its renovation and rebranding to its familiar location on Main Street in Northborough.

Founded in 2000 under the name of Yoong Tong Thai Restaurant, La Miette La Mai remains a family business, its classic menu, perfected and appreciated for more than 20 years.

Now, however, this menu is also rounded out with Thai / French fusion options using local ingredients sourced from small farms, breweries and local family-owned businesses in a new setting with hardwood floors, modern decor, an atmosphere and of a refreshing experience.

“People have absolutely fallen in love with our food over the years,” Executive Chef Wachira T Sittikong told the Community Advocate shortly before last week’s ribbon cutting. “Over the years we have built an incredible customer base in Northborough and the greater Worcester area.”

Still, he said, COVID-19 presented challenges for the restaurant, even prompting his aunt to consider selling Yoong Tong at some point.

“I was like ‘No way’,” he said.

Sittikong trained at Le Cordon Bleu before honing his craft in Boston’s upscale dining destinations. He is now working alongside his business partner Rush Sukto and the entire Sahasakmontri family to bring extensive experience to La Miette La Mai’s new range of offerings.

Seeking to preserve and strengthen the identity they have created as Yoong Tong, the restaurant staff are delighted to get to work under the new La Miette La Mai banner.

“It’s not a great corporate feeling,” Sittikong said. “A lot of guests, when they come in, really feel like they’re at home. We are very happy to offer this experience to everyone.

La Miette La Mai is located at 278 Main Street in Northborough. It hosts live music while maintaining COVID-19 precautions for all guests and staff.


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