White rhinos are back in Mozambique after 40 years of extinction


This is incredible news! After disappearing for more than 40 years, white rhinos have returned to the wilds of Mozambique, a beautiful nation in East Africa. The country is bringing the species from South Africa to revive its parks and boost local tourism. The effort to bring back these endangered animals was taken by a group of rangers. They captured, sedated and brought 1610km black and white rhinos to Zinave National Park in Mozambique. The park covers 400,000 hectares and has more than 2,300 other reintroduced animals.

Werner Myburgh of the Peace Parks Foundation (PPF) led the conservation group. He said: “The return of the rhino allows Zinave to be showcased as an exciting new tourist destination in Mozambique.”

Rhinos are considered important to the ecosystem and this is the reason why they were brought back from such a long distance. The main objective of the PPF group which carried out the operation is to relocate around forty rhinos in the next two years to Mozambique.

Project leader Anthony Alexander further informed that the group had already brought predators and several elephants to the park. Now it was the rhinos’ turn to return. He said, “It’s very exciting now to complete the presence of historic species in the park.”

Bringing rhinos back to Mozambique is an initiative that is part of a campaign to save endangered species by relocating them to safe places. Where the chances of increasing their population are high.

Now authorities hope to see an increase in the white rhino population in Zinave within the next 10 years. Calling it a historic translocation, Mozambican Environment Minister Ivete Maibaze said the move would be beneficial for the country’s nascent ecotourism industry.

  1. Why is Mozambique the best known?
    Mozambique is prized for its amazing wildlife and pretty beaches.
  2. What language does Mozambique speak?
  3. What is the capital of Mozambique?
    Maputo is the capital of Mozambique in East Africa.

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