Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn: How I Built This With Guy Raz : NPR

Vincent and Andrew Kitirattragarn are brothers and founders of Dang Foods.

Vincent Kitirattragarn grew up in a Thai-Chinese-American household, which meant eating chicken congee and lemongrass, while ordering Chicken McNuggets with his younger brothers. He dreamed of opening his own Thai restaurant, but a grueling stint working in a restaurant convinced him that his entrepreneurial journey would never be in the restaurant industry.

Instead, Vincent’s Asian-inspired snack brand, Dang Foods, was born in 2011 when a delicious home-cooking experience led him to start importing coconut chips from Thailand. Vincent’s brother, Andrew, joined a few years later to help grow the brand through a series of snack product successes and tasty but colossal flops.

Today, the company sells its coconut chips, rice crackers and energy bars in more than 10,000 stores nationwide.

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