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The place

Adding to the appeal of Donghu Lu corner, Eldivino – the second outpost of an authentic upscale Thai restaurant – made its official opening last month in the space that once housed the Bistro Burger. Property of Jean-Claude Terdjemane (previously at The peninsula) and Thai chef Nui Ratchaphibun, both aim to bring the best flavors of Bangkok to Shanghai in an upscale lounge setting.

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Nicknamed ‘Dr. Wine ”, Jean-Claude is also an expert in the nectar of the gods, so it is only fitting that Eldivino also sports a single storey wine cellar offering 88 labels from all over the world.

There is also an extensive cocktail menu which becomes the focal point when the restaurant turns into a bar each evening from 10:30 p.m.

Thai food by day and the wine bar by night make Eldivino a nice addition to the already bustling neighborhood.

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The food

While Eldivino’s premier location south of Nanpu Bridge specializes in sharing trays for large groups, the Changle Lu / Fumin Lu spot is suitable for single servings, with lunches available Friday through Sunday. (RMB128 for 2 lessons; RMB188 3 lessons)including coffee or a soft drink (or wine for an additional 50 RMB).

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In the Assorted Thai appetizer (78 RMB), Chef Nui brings together a collection of Thai snacks from across the country, each featuring a different style of cooking and preparation.

A refreshing spring roll is juxtaposed with a fried shrimp puff – ready to be brushed with sticky plum sauce; a peppery betel leaf surrounds a coated mixture of peanut, almond and lime shrimp paste that contrasts with the golden purse – a crispy fried dumpling skin made from carrots filled with chopped shrimp and corn.

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The next class, Crispy Salmon and Seared Scallops (RMB168) spans east and west, with pan-seared Japanese scallops topped with smoked Danish trout roe over pomelo and tamarind.

It is served with a basket of crispy salmon nuggets, resting on a salad of shallots, onions and tomatoes drizzled with a mild Thai vinaigrette.

As a common thread throughout the meal, there is no shortage of fresh herbs – the chiffonade basil, torn mint and curly cilantro are found on every plate.

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Diners across the restaurant can smell the Classic Tom Yum Goong Soup (RMB72); as you approach the table, sprigs of lemongrass and fresh seafood permeate the air.

Loaded with Japanese scallops, Phuket shrimp, and New Zealand mussels, the springy mushrooms and soft tomatoes add an extra layer of texture to the already balanced bowl.

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

The slightly spicy Chicken with Green Curry (RMB78) sees a blend of green chili, sweet basil, eggplant and bell pepper, along with rich coconut milk to achieve that characteristic silky thickness.

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Poured over aromatic Pandan steamed rice, it tastes of Thailand in a nutshell.

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Simplicity is at the heart of Chef Nui’s cuisine, a motto that comes into play with the Lobster with Yellow Curry Sauce (RMB355). A live lobster is steamed to order and drizzled with a creamy yellow curry – sweetened with a seasoned curry spice.

The delicate flesh of the lobster pulls claws and tail into chunks, enhancing its sweetness with a trio of red, yellow and green bell peppers.

DSC04133.jpgBaked snow fish with spicy herb sauce (RMB255), Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

The Mix Thai Dessert (RMB58) ends with four separate nibbles, varying in texture and temperature. Homemade coconut ice cream is sprinkled with a peanut crumble and coconut shavings; a steamed coconut cream corn cake covering a layer of spongy sago; a single serving of mango sticky rice is adorned with a cold mango globe; and the board ends with a Thai tea flavored layered gelatin cake.

The atmosphere

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

The space is strewn with flowers; pops of color contrast with the dark-colored semi-private seats and gold tablecloths. Depeche Mode and Queen play ’80s classics through the audio system, reinforcing the buzzing energy that comes with great food, great wine, and great company.

Image by Sophie Steiner / This is

Seating can accommodate just over 60 people, plus an outdoor patio and private dining area for 12 people.

With a large bay window opening onto the street on sunny days, the ambience of Eldivino evolves throughout the day Рfrom sunny caf̩-esque mornings to afternoon outings and lounge ambiences. for dinner and the wine bar meets the cocktail venue in the evening.

Price: RMB150-RMB400

Who go: Anyone near the Donghu Lu corner, the Xuhui lunch crowd, the Thai expat community

Good for: Desires of Thai cuisine, consumption of curry, date nights focused on seafood and wine

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