Three Cambodians test positive for COVID-19 in Thailand as no other Cambodian deaths have been recorded there



Arrivals from Cambodia continue to be detected positive in Thailand, continuing the trend of alternation.

However, no Cambodian deaths have been reported in recent weeks, a positive sign of the conditions of Cambodian migrant workers who remained in Thailand during the height of the pandemic and did not flee to their homes in Cambodia.

Three from Cambodia were among 12 imported cases reported by Thailand on Saturday. All three were of Thai nationality.

The others included one from the Netherlands, Mauritius, the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Myanmar, two from Poland and two from Germany. By nationality, they were two Germans, a Dutch, a Canadian, a Pole, a Mauritian, a British citizen, a Burmese national who entered illegally and four returning Thais.

Thailand has registered 5,896 new cases of Covid-19 and 37 new deaths, the public health ministry said on Saturday morning.

The number of new cases rose by 984 from the previous day and the death toll was also up by four, according to data provided by the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) on Saturday.

Since the start of the pandemic early last year, 2,136,537 people have contracted coronavirus disease and 2,042,666 have recovered. All but 28,863 infections have occurred since April 1 of this year. A total of 20,917 people have died, all but 94 since April 1.

As of Friday, 5,666 Covid-19 patients were discharged from hospitals after recovering from the coronavirus.

As of Friday, 94.53 million Covid-19 vaccines were administered, with 67.8% of the eligible population having received a dose, 58.4% with two doses and 5.0% with a booster.

The CCSA said the 37 new deaths were all Thais between the ages of 31 and 93.

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