These are the most popular food delivery orders in the United States, according to Uber Eats


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Have you ever wondered how your Uber Eats orders stack up against others? You’re not alone. The Californian company recently released its Desires 2021 report, which provides a detailed look at what millions of Uber Eats users have ordered over the past year. The detailed report, which is divided into several sections, includes information on everything from best-selling grocery item in the country (cry to all who catapulted bananas in the first place!) to the most unexpected food combinations. (Who knew that so many people love to eat prosciutto and pickles, watermelon and yellow mustard, which was most definitely powered by TikTok?!)

The report also includes a section on the most popular delivery requests in the United States, which, in the end, was filled with things that people not want with their food. “Onion-free”, “tomato-free” and “cheese-free” were among the most popular omissions, while “extra sauce” was the most requested supplement.

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When it came to ordering specific takeaways, several dishes from different cuisines reigned supreme. Read on for the most popular commands of 2021.


Is anyone really shocked that the fast food classic has taken the # 1 spot? People love potatoes, and we can’t blame them. The beloved fried dish probably helped propel “burgers and sandwiches” to second place on the list of most popular cuisines, just behind “Mexican”.

Other popular cuisines that have failed to have a specific food on the most popular dishes list include “Chinese,” “Mediterranean,” “breakfast,” and “Vietnamese.”

Pad Thai

This Thai dish came in second and was the only Thai dish to make the top 10. It’s probably so popular, in part because of its versatility. Vegetarians can enjoy pad thai that’s loaded with tofu and veggies, while meat eaters might prefer a noodle dish that features shrimp, chicken, or beef.

Garlic Naan

what not love garlic naan? Uber Eats users know you can’t go wrong with carbs brushed with garlic butter, that’s why this tasty Indian bread took third place. If you ever find yourself with extra naan, try it with spicy chicken curry.

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A soda

Perhaps the most general item on this list, this sparkling drink was the fourth most ordered food or drink on Uber Eats in 2021. If you don’t feel like ordering soda, you can always prepare a home version!

Miso soup

Americans absolutely loved this popular Japanese dish in 2021. Miso soup not only feels comforting and tasty, but it’s packed with fermented ingredients, like miso paste, which are great for gut health. Believe it or not, miso soup can easily be made at home, so next time you feel like it, try making it yourself.

Californian roll

“Sushi” was very popular in 2021, and this meal filled with crab, cucumber and avocado was the most requested sushi roll. While sushi can be a bit tricky to prepare at home, salmon nigiri is much easier to master.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

This Indian dish is part of the reason why ‘Indian’ was the fourth most popular cuisine in 2021. For those unfamiliar with chicken tikka masala, the hearty meal consists of garam masala, cream and tomatoes, between other ingredients. Pro tip: you can use your slow cooker to easily prepare this Indian staple at home. It’s great for cool nights!


“Sushi” was the sixth most popular cuisine in 2021, so it’s no surprise that edamame, which is typically served with sushi rolls, has also gained a spot on this list. The tasty soy beans make a stellar snack Where adding bowl of noodles because they are packed with protein, healthy fats and fiber.

Mozzarella sticks

While “Pizza“was considered the fifth most popular cuisine this year, the Italian staple failed to crown one of the most popular individual dishes. However, the cheese-filled cousin of the pizza—mozzarella sticks– came in ninth place. Unsurprisingly, Americans love cheese.

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Spicy tuna roll

The 10th most ordered dish is this tasty Japanese staple that usually gets its zing from a bold mayonnaise. Environmentally conscious consumers will be pleased to learn that wild tuna is one of the most sustainable types of seafood.


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