There is a proper way to dispose of Covid-19 infectious waste, says PM


Prime Minister Prayut is concerned about the management of Covid-19 waste, such as used face masks and ATK test kits, because of the risk it poses to garbage collectors. Bags containing infectious waste must be clearly marked so that garbage collectors and staff at the waste disposal facility can take the necessary precautions when disposing of the waste, the Prime Minister said.

Waste contaminated with nasal mucus, sputum, saliva and blood from people infected with Covid-19 poses a risk of transmission to garbage collectors and must be disposed of properly to ensure public safety, according to Prime Minister Prayut.

The Prime Minister has asked the Department of Health to advise Covid-19 patients in home isolation to sort their rubbish and clearly mark infectious waste bags which may contain ATK test kits, used face masks, tissues, bedding or anything else that can carry bodily fluids. . Properly marking bags will allow garbage collectors to take necessary precautions, such as wearing full PPE.

The PM instructed responsible agencies to properly and efficiently dispose of waste which is possibly infected with Covid-19 as the number of cases remains high across the country.

Attaphol Kaewsamrit, Director General of the Ministry of Health, expects Thailand to generate an average of 789 tonnes of infectious waste per day in April, while waste disposal facilities nationwide can only handle 342.3 tons per day.

The Ministry of Health is creating 11 additional waste disposal sites to handle the overload of infectious waste, with a capacity of 1,189 tonnes of waste per day. Total disposal capacity will increase to 1,532 tonnes per day, which should be enough to cope with the mountains of face masks and ATK test kits thrown out of Thai households this month.

SOURCE: National Information Bureau of Thailand


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