Thailand’s health service halts Covid vaccine reaction payments


Only members of the gold card scheme and members of universal health care can claim reimbursement for any reactions to coronavirus bites, the National Health Security Office (NHSO) says.

Deputy Secretary General Atthaporn Limpanyalert announced that the NHSO has reviewed the situation regarding Covid-19 and concluded that as the problem subsides it will no longer compensate those suffering from side effects from the vaccine who are not not gold card members or universal health care.

“In terms of people who have received Covid-19 vaccines from July 4 and who have developed allergies or side effects, the NHSO will deal with those who are gold card holders.

“Those who are members of other schemes can seek compensation from the schemes to which they are entitled. The NHSO has revised the criteria in line with government policy to downgrade the pandemic to endemic status.

“Claims for compensation under other health plans filed with the NHSO after July 4 will be forwarded to the appropriate agency.”

Atthaporn made public that approximately 21,200 people have filed claims for compensation under multiple health care plans. About 12,000 of them are gold card members, 4,700 belong to a social security fund and 4,000 are civil servants.

Nearly 18,000 people received compensation and about 2 billion baht was paid to the families of 4,500 people who died or became disabled, about 500 lost organs due to a side effect and another 11,400 were injured.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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