Thailand, post Covid. What must change?



As Thailand begins to peek behind the Covid curtain, many expats and would-be travelers are wondering if much will change after 2 years of lockdowns, reopenings of lockdowns and back-to-school “plans”. Will we see changes in visas, ownership, entry requirements and trade laws? One of our YouTube commenters wrote his current “wishlist” (below).

While the Thai government will strive to attract travelers this year (as well as most tourism-dependent countries), the constant narrative of senior ministers is to attract “very wealthy individuals” to the Kingdom, for the investment, general travel, retirement and medical tourism. . But when the rubber hits the road, the prevailing laws always make it difficult, or at least complex, for foreigners to live and conduct business in Thailand.

When it comes to current entry into Thailand, the Thailand Pass, and in particular some aspects of the Test & Go program, make any major tourism restart unpredictable, at least in the short term. the the first ten days of Test & Go Version 2, since February 1, fell short of expectations.

Land ownership has always been somewhat opaque to outsiders. There are many historical “workarounds” but few concrete ways for foreigners to “own” land. (In this regard, The Thaiger always recommends that you do plenty of homework and consult a reputable specialist. agent and lawyer before buying property in Thailand)

When it comes to working in Thailand, the system remains cumbersome and restrictive. The growth of the world digital nomads was almost completely ignored by immigration authorities. There are many opportunities for visa updates that reflect a post-Covid world of work.

So let’s see what you want to see changed in Thailand so that it becomes a more attractive place for investment, tourism, living and retirement. Here’s a wishlist from one of The Thaiger’s YouTube commenters (reposted with permission)…

Things that would help a bit…

1. Scrap Test and Go, proof of hosting and correspondence.

2. Remove the 60 day tourist visa + 30 day extension and just give a 90 day, 6 month or 1 year tourist visa. (More visa options in general would be nice. Bringing back the volunteer visa would benefit a lot of people)

3. Allow foreigners to buy land and houses Even if it is only a certain amount per person. (If it’s for business use, it would create local jobs and more taxes for the government. It would also attract more retirees who don’t like the idea of ​​living in a condo or renting)

4. Allow foreigners to own a business outright. (They reduce the number of potential investors and people who could grow a big business over time. Which would again mean more jobs and more taxes for the government.)

5. More employment options for foreigners. (More people, more taxes, more demand, more growth, etc.)

All of these things would waste the government a lot of money, but they refuse to acknowledge any of them and seem to keep tightening the noose, focusing only on the super rich to fix the problem “quickly”.
It’s madness I tell you.

Adam Stainer (Thaiger YouTube channel commentator)

Now is the time for you to comment Talking about Thaiger with your wishlist. We’ll discuss some of the best ideas (not complaints) on Hello Thailand Tuesday of next week.


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