Thailand launches a new tourist portal to make it easier to visit the Land of Smiles


The Tourism Ministry has launched a new online portal which it hopes will make visiting Thailand easier for the 8-15 million tourists currently expected next year. According to a report from the Bangkok Post, the website, called Entrance Thailand, has been allocated a budget of 49.6 million baht for its first phase.

The portal lists the information and documents travelers must provide prior to arrival, as well as links to third-party Covid-19 insurance providers and SHA + accredited hotels. It also provides a link to the Thailand Pass registration site and the Mor Chana contact finder app. In addition, there is information on arrival procedures, tax refund claims and how to contact the tourist police.

Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn said the portal is part of his ministry’s e-services roadmap scheduled for 2022-2024, aimed at helping tourists navigate Thailand’s complex entry requirements to the sequel to Covid-19.

“The pile of paperwork and several organizations that tourists have to deal with are inconvenient. The ministry wants this platform to help reduce their difficulties when planning trips to Thailand. “

The Bangkok Post reports that Phiphat is optimistic about reopening borders with Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, adding that this is expected to provide tourist numbers of between 8 and 15 million next year. The minister predicts that these figures are expected to generate revenues of between 1.3 trillion and 1.8 trillion baht for the Thai economy.

Phiphat adds that everything is going well, Thailand can expect 20 million tourists in 2023, which means the country needs to put in place a system that can cope with such increased demand. He believes the Entry Thailand portal will help bring together all the required information in one central repository, including information on tourist attractions, travel and restaurants.

The minister said that phase 2 of the project will encourage other state agencies to include their services on the portal and that start-ups may use Entry Thailand to offer their products and services to visitors.

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THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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