Thailand: Foreign tourists will now be able to extend their stay as COVID subsides


According to the latest developments, Thailand will now start allowing extended stay for foreign tourists between October and March. The move comes on the heels of support for its economic recovery as Covid-19 pressures ease.

According to the latest news, foreigners from 18 territories visiting Thailand under the Visa on Arrival (VOA) category will now be allowed to double their length of stay up to 30 days. This was informed by Taweesilp Visanuyothin, a spokesperson for Thailand’s main COVID task force. In addition, those with 50 places who are currently allowed to stay for 30 days will now be able to stay for up to 45 days.

Between January 1 and August 17, reports suggest the country earned 176.3 billion baht ($4.9 billion) in revenue from 3.78 million foreign arrivals, which jumped 3 214% compared to the same period last year.

Thailand hopes that an increase in tourist arrivals will help further boost its economic growth this year, although the pace is likely to be the slowest in the Southeast Asian region.

Referring to this, Taweesilp said they are looking for ways to increase tourism spending, and thus revive the economy and help reduce the impact of the pandemic.

Earlier this month, a government spokesman said the country expects to attract 10 million international tourists this year, up from 6.1 million forecast in April. And if all goes well, the number of visitors is expected to increase to 30 million people next year, which will still be slightly less than those who visited the country in the year before the spread of COVID.

Reports say Thailand will further downgrade COVID-19 from a “dangerous” communicable disease to one that “requires monitoring” from September, a month earlier than expected.

  1. What do you need to visit Thailand right now?
    Quarantine has been lifted, but visitors must still provide proof of vaccination upon arrival.
  2. Is the visa for Thailand now free?
    Visa on arrival fees for Thailand are waived for Indian citizens until April 2020.
  3. Are there any fees to enter Thailand?
    Since January, the Thai government has been pushing the idea that all foreign visitors to Thailand pay 300 baht (about $8) for compulsory tourist insurance.

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