Thailand aims to push its games and content industry


Currently, the main digital organizations involved in the economy are joining forces to push the Thai gaming industry, to reach the level of a regional hub.

In recent decades, Thailand has relied on traditional sectors such as agriculture, vehicle construction and export, textiles and clothing to boost engines of development. Although Thailand has been successful in diversifying its economic base into tourism, health care and other services, the country appears to be in the midst of a prolonged middle income malaise.

Recently, the government has stepped up its activities by launching a national master plan to enter the higher value-added segment of economic activity generating greater input income for all parties. Then the digital industry was chosen as one of the new industries on the S-curve that is supposed to propel a new cycle of growth.

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA)

The Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) was established in 2017. One of its goals was to support the advancement of innovation and technology adoption by Thailand’s digital industry.

The agency says the digital industry has five main sub-sectors: computer hardware; digital services; software packages; information and communication technologies; and digital content.

Games, animation, big data and data analytics are part of digital content. Among these sub-sectors, gaming has shown enormous potential for growth in line with global technological advancements and new consumer lifestyles.

The games industry in Southeast Asia is experiencing exceptional growth, with the market in 2019 valued at 140,000 THB Mil, a 22% year-on-year increase, according to Dr Nuttapon Nimmanphatcharin, president and chief executive officer. direction of Depa.

Dr Nuttapon said the gambling industry in Thailand has jumped on the bandwagon. It has increased by 10 to 15% per year in recent years.

NewZoo, an international gaming and esports market research and analysis group, ranked Thailand 20th in the world in terms of gaming revenue, valued at US $ 692 million in 2019. The Kingdom is the second largest in Southeast Asia behind Indonesia, which ranks 17th.

Thailand’s gaming market generated over $ 1 billion in 2020

After nearly a year under the pandemic, the number of players in the kingdom has grown to 32 million and has helped the market generate more than $ 1 billion in 2020, NewZoo reported.

As other sectors are hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic outbreaks, the gaming industry has shown its resilience. The Kasikorn Research Center, pointed out that the pandemic and periodic lockdowns are two key factors driving Thailand’s online gaming industry.

More affordable gaming computers, the rise of mobile games and a new enthusiastic generation of esports are spawning a massive and rapidly growing gaming industry in Thailand, DEPA noted.

Thailand’s gaming industry is still in its infancy

Nevertheless, the gaming industry is still in its infancy, Thai developers are struggling to build successful businesses. To be competitive internationally, local entrepreneurs need the support of the public and private sectors.

Faced with the lack of specialists and skilled manpower in the industry, DEPA collaborated with the Thai Game Software Industry Association (TGA) and Infofed Co., Ltd. design and development, as well as opportunities to access funding and test before a commercial launch.

The program has taken place twice this year with a number of high potential developers joining the seminar.

Nenin Ananbanchachai, President of TGA, said today that the game industry accounts for 85% of the digital content industry, or 29 billion baht in 2020, while the expected growth will be 15% on average in 2021 .

Another key factor in accelerating growth is the evolution of the concept of the gaming industry from recreation to professional E-Sports competition.

On September 21, esport was promoted to professional sports level in Thailand. Therefore, athletes and esports associations can receive financial support and other types of support from the “Professional Sports Promotion Fund” of the Sports Authority of Thailand.

Many believe that this is a crucial movement to promote the popularity of electronic games among the local population, especially young people, as there will be many more competitive tournaments at several levels such as provincial and national competitions. . These events will accelerate its popularity and result in the strong growth of the Thai games industry.

DEPA believes that the prosperity of this industry will also be passed on to related businesses, such as event planners, content creators, game critics, video production companies, event venues and businesses. accommodation.

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