Thai workers leave for Israeli farms


A total of 120 Thai workers wait at Suvarnabhumi airport before leaving for Israel to work in the agricultural sector. Labor Minister Suchart Chomklin and senior ministry officials gave moral support to the workers, 115 men and five women, at the airport on Tuesday. (Photo: The Ministry of Labor)

One hundred and twenty Thai workers left for Israel on Tuesday to work in its agricultural sector as part of the Thailand-Israel cooperation agreement on the placement of workers.

The workers, who will be employed on farms, orchards and other agriculture-related businesses, signed a two-year contract that can be extended up to three years and three months.

The director general of the Employment Department, Pairoj Chotikasathien, said the demand for Thai workers in Israel is increasing. Last year 6,011 workers were sent to Israel, while this year Thailand can send up to 6,500 workers.

Workers will receive at least 5,300 shekels (about 56,021 baht) per month before tax deductions, Pairoj said.


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