Thai vaccine enters third phase of trials


Thai vaccine enters third phase of trials

$ 2.3 billion budget for the ChulaCov-19 jab

The Center of Excellence for Vaccine Research and Development at Chulalongkorn University plans to register its Covid-19 mRNA vaccine, known as ChulaCov-19, in the middle of next year.

Kiat Ruxrungtham, head of the Covid-19 vaccine development project, said ChulaCov-19 is about to enter its third phase of human trials with injections expected to be administered early next year until ‘in March.

Trial results are expected to be analyzed in April-May before an application is filed with the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the middle of next year for emergency use, he said. .

According to Dr. Kiat, if the vaccine’s registration is approved, the research team must conduct fourth-phase trials to gather information about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine from some 30,000 recipients.

However, by the time the trial kicks off next year, most people will have been fully vaccinated, he said, noting that research will also be done on the effectiveness of the vaccine as a booster dose. .

He said the research team has started to develop second and third generation vaccines with trials starting in mice.

Based on data from the second phase human trial, ChulaCov-19 is effective against several variants of Covid-19, including Delta, he said. Low fever has been reported after the second jab while serious side effects such as clotting have not been detected.

Dr Kiat said the research team’s goal in vaccine development is to produce a high-quality vaccine that is accepted by other countries and recognized by the World Health Organization.

The government recently approved a budget of 2.3 billion baht to support vaccine development, with 1.3 billion baht set aside for human trials, with the balance to be set aside to cover materials and production costs.

Meanwhile, Suthira Taychakhoonavudh, co-founder and CEO of Baiya Phytopharm Co, said researchers are collecting data on the safety of its herbal “Baiya vaccine” following the first phase of clinical trials.

Assistant Professor Suthira said no serious side effects were reported among participants in the trial which began in September. His team is also recruiting people aged 61 to 75 for a trial next month. She also said the second generation of the vaccine has been produced for the first-phase human trial starting in January next year.


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