Thai sites will be allowed to “officially” serve alcohol a little later


As well as several back-peddles for the Thailand Pass, Thailand’s CCSA announced yesterday that it is also planning to relax another Covid-19 restriction – the alcohol curfew. Restaurants, and ‘restaurants’, will be able to serve alcohol until midnight, instead of 11 p.m. Like the Thailand Pass changes, the alcohol curfew change is set to begin on May 1.

Thailand’s 11 p.m. alcohol curfew has given venue managers a hard time, especially in historic tourist hotspots such as Pattaya. Last month, Pattaya City Police reported arresting a “restaurant” manager in Pattaya for allegedly violating Chonburi disease control orders.

That month, an entertainment official in Pattaya called on authorities to move venue closing times to 1 a.m. instead of 11 p.m. The official was the secretary of the Pattaya Association of Entertainment Venue Operators. Only time will tell how satisfying the new midnight curfew may be for the entertainment and tourism sector…

Thailand’s northeast Khon Kaen province has taken alcohol restrictions up a notch and even banned restaurants from serving alcohol at some point. The ban, which began in February, has drawn backlash from business owners, who say the ban has not stopped the spread of Covid-19. However, grocery stores were still allowed to sell alcohol. Khon Kaen then imposed a 9 p.m. curfew on the sale of alcohol.

From May 1, Thailand’s CCSA also plans to redesignate Covid-19 control areas (orange) in 18 provinces as surveillance areas (yellow). The number of yellow zones would then increase from 47 provinces to 65 provinces. The CCSA also resolved to increase the number of tourism pilot areas (blue) from 10 provinces to 12 provinces.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post


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