Thai food trailer owners upgrade to truck


GREAT FALLS – Just over a year ago in Great Falls, a new food trailer called N Thai took over the Farmers Market.

Owners Emm and Nida were amazed at the size of the crowd their caravan drew: “We never really thought about it, but people like it, they keep coming back,” Emm said.

Unlike many food truck and restaurant owners, these two never intended to start a food truck, let alone sell their food – until their family and friends convinced them. that Nida’s cooking was too good to keep for them.

“Some of our friends and others would ask us to cook for them. We just started cooking for close groups of friends and family and a lot of people were like, “Hey, could you open the restaurant,” Emm said. “America is a land of opportunity,” Emm said. “So when we found the opportunity, there’s no Thai food here in Great Falls, we took it. A lot of people come up with a reason, ‘Why can’t I do this,’ and I just asked, “How can I do this?”

And with that mindset, Emm and his wife Nida did it. Emm took over the modified trailer/motorhome equipment and Nida took it from there; Over the past year, they’ve held events, set up shop at the Farmers Market, and made weekly deliveries.

Business has been so good that they recently upgraded and now have a full-fledged food truck, which is often set up on weekends in several Great Falls locations, such as the Walmart parking lot along Smelter Avenue. Click here visit their Facebook page to find out where they will be.


N Thai

N Thai has recently upgraded from a trailer/camper to a full-fledged truck

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