Thai Fashion Brand Pomelo Launches Solutions Platform to Help Industry Companies Evolve Their Operations, Business News & Top Stories


SINGAPORE – Clothing and fashion brand Pomelo has launched a platform of branded services and solutions to help other companies in the sector grow their operations rapidly.

Called Prism, the platform will provide fashion brands with support in areas such as managing logistics and marketing needs, Pomelo, headquartered in Thailand, said on Thursday (June 24).

The platform is already operational in Thailand and will expand to countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, in the coming months.

It also plans to target lifestyle, makeup, cosmetics and skin care brands.

Prism will leverage the existing merchandising and commerce expertise of the Pomelo brand, its marketing capabilities and a pool of data collected from more than 40 million consumers in Southeast Asia to provide such services.

For example, a business intelligence unit can analyze customer profiling, segment customer groups, and monitor trends while providing insight and recommendations to businesses.

Another team will guide companies through the design and manufacturing process, using trend forecasting and machine learning-based demand planning.

Prism will also offer its customers a logistics and warehousing network in the region, with warehouses and distribution centers in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. This will cover picking and packaging operations, tax and border solutions, customer service and the management of returned goods.

Global brands such as Urban Revivo and Levi’s have subscribed to the services of Prism.

“Prism aims to guide and recommend brands with a strategy and roadmap aligned with their growth goals in the omnichannel industry,” said Pomelo.

Omnichannel refers to an approach to sales that aims to provide customers with a seamless experience, whether online or offline.

Pomelo CEO David Jou said: “The pandemic has had seismic impacts on the industry. Our goal with Prism is to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

“By providing this end-to-end service, we want to help brands grow with us and help grow the fashion industry in Southeast Asia.”


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