Thai doctors successfully treat 105-year-old unvaccinated COVID patient


Thai doctors successfully treated a 105-year-old unvaccinated COVID-19 patient with a combination of antiviral drugs, long-acting antibodies (LAAB) and antiseptics. In less than two weeks, he was discharged from hospital, according to Dr Opart Karnkawinpong, director general of the Department of Disease Control.

He said the patient was admitted to hospital on September 3rd with high fever, low blood oxygen and inflammation of the lungs and received antiviral drugs on the first day.

After considering his advanced age and the fact that he had not been vaccinated, doctors administered the LAAB treatment and antiseptics to the patient the following day, Dr Opart said, adding that his condition had steadily improved until when it is released on September 14.e.

He revealed that Thailand first imported LAAB drugs on July 27efor use in patients with chronic kidney problems who received dialysis at the Bamrasnaradura Institute of Infectious Diseases, and the drugs were distributed to hospitals across the country for use in dialysis patients and patients who have received organ or bone marrow transplants.

In addition to these types of patients, Dr. Opart said the Department of Public Health is also considering administering the LAAB treatment to other groups, such as cancer patients undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, immunocompromised patients and patients who have received organ transplants. requiring high doses of immunosuppressants.

Despite the availability of LAAB treatment, he advised all older people to get vaccinated against COVID-19, to reduce the risk of severe symptoms if infected.

He said the elderly, people with seven specific underlying conditions and pregnant women should have received at least one booster shot.


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