Study abroad program returns to College of The Albemarle as COVID-19 restrictions ease


After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the study abroad program returns to College of The Albemarle (COA). Previously scheduled trips to Puerto Rico and Thailand were canceled due to health concerns and travel restrictions.

Regarding the reinstatement of the programme, Dr Dean Roughton, co-founder of study abroad at the college, said: “As the world begins to open up, we are cautiously excited to resume this global experience opportunity at the COA while working with our travel partner to implement additional health and safety protocols to protect our attendees.

Roughton will lead the trip, which will take place this academic year during the COA’s spring break, April 15-23. Participants will travel to France, Monaco and Spain, where they will visit sites such as the Louvre, Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower in Paris and enjoy Spanish cuisine during group tapas and paella dinners, between other activites.

The new program managers, Leslie Lippincott and Bradley Boswell, are already preparing for the trip during spring break in 2023. This trip is scheduled for April 8-14 and will take place in the Latin American country of Belize. Planned activities include visiting Mayan ruins, zip-lining through the rainforest canopy, cave tubing through underground rivers, and exploring the country’s rich biodiversity.

COA’s study abroad program has traditionally attracted primarily university students; however, the ACO hopes to expand participation in more professional and technical programs.

Lippincott, who is also the Culinary Arts Program Coordinator at the COA, sees cultural exploration of other countries as directly relevant to the courses in her program: “Bringing back recipes, new knowledge and applications of ingredients, techniques traditional cooking and live food videos and photographs [from other countries] would create an authentic experience” for culinary students.

A French and Spanish instructor at the COA, Boswell believes that world travel can be an important part of a well-rounded education for students. Boswell said: “It allows students to see how other people live and opens them up to other ways of thinking and experiencing the world. It also allows them to appreciate the things they take for granted while living in the United States.

Although COA students are given priority, the program is also open to faculty, staff, and community members.

For more information or to find out how to become a Belize 2023 trip participant, contact Leslie Lippincott at 252-482-7900 ext. 6017 or email [email protected]


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