Strangeways Brewing will open a new location in Williamsburg this summer

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WILLIAMSBURG — Strangeways Brewinga microbrewery based in Virginia, is preparing to open its fourth address this summer in Shops in High Street.

During a recent Williamsburg City Council meeting held on May 12 at Stryker Centerthe company received unanimous approval for a special purpose license to operate a microbrewery in 1430-1103 main street.

During this same vote, the municipal council also unanimously approved an amendment to modify the text to authorize a “”micro-brewery, micro-distillery, micro-cellar and/or micro-cider house, with a capacity not not exceeding 15,000 barrels per year” with an Economic Development Special Use Permit ED-2″.

“15,000 barrels is generally the industry standard,” Williamsburg Acting Planning and Code Compliance Director Erin Burke said during a briefing to city council. “It’s sort of the boundary between going from a micro-brewery, in this case, to a large distributor. This number is sort of seen universally, not just in Virginia but across the country. This does not indicate that the applicant will produce as much, it is just the limit imposed on the property.

The Williamsburg location will offer a brewery tasting room at the corner of Richmond Road and High Street. The tasting room, according to Strangeways Brewing, “[W]will be open 7 days a week.

Strangeways Brewing Williamsburg location hours of operation:

  • Monday – Thursday: 2 p.m. – 9 p.m.
  • Friday – Saturday: 12pm-11pm
  • Sunday: 12 p.m.-8 p.m.

The 4,000 square foot location will also include outdoor spaces for guests to use. This will include “a huge brick patio with walkways at the front of the space and a spacious brick courtyard at the back of the space, all surrounded by manicured landscaping and topiary” , according to Strangeways Brewing.

The location will feature 300 seats and 48 draft lines. The company says it will serve “a diverse range of beers, ciders, flavored sparkling seltzers, wines and non-alcoholic offerings.”

The microbrewery’s various beer offerings include IPAs, Lagers, Pilsners, Ales, Stouts, Porters, Belgians, Sour & Wild Ales, and Barrel Aged Ales.

“We are simply enthusiastic about the location. I have a lot of connections to Williamsburg,” Strangeways Brewery founder/owner Neil Burton said during the city council meeting. “We think this is ideal for this mall which currently has many restaurants.”

In addition to brewing its own beer, Strangeways Brewing will be serving nachos, pretzels with beer cheese and mustard, fries and beer queso, and other hot and cold snacks. Additionally, the microbrewery invites customers to bring food from surrounding restaurants to its location.

Surrounding dining options include Plaza Azteca Mexican, Aticha Thai food, Metro, Five burger guys, Le Yaca French Restaurant, Revolution Golf and Grille, Drunk Beans’ Coffee, Fat Grilled Tuna and Homemade Oysterand Manhattan Bagels.

“We have an outdoor space coupled with the indoor space, we think that will allow people to bring food from local restaurants to enjoy a beer at our house,” Burton said during the city council meeting. “I think this particular center has a lot of things around town that people can visit and enjoy, like the Revolution Bar and Grille, which is a unique space where you can walk in and play indoor golf. I think those kinds of uses are really interesting. I think we really associate with this mall.

Strangeways Brewing has no exact date set for its inauguration.

Other Strangeways Brewery locations:


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