Stop the Asian hate rally organized in Rowland Heights


An Asian hate rally took place in Rowland Heights on Saturday after a couple were attacked and robbed in the parking lot of a grocery store

Rally-goers gathered outside a 99 Ranch Market on Saturday to protest violence against the AAPI community.


People gathered outside a 99 Ranch Market near where the couple was attacked while loading groceries into their vehicle.

Some of the signs at the rally read “Stop the Crimes” and “Stop the Asian Hate.”

Police say the couple were whipped and then stolen a very expensive Rolex watch. The victims were slightly injured, but were not hospitalized.

Police, along with Asian community advocates, said the attacks must stop.

“Over 10,000 attacks have been reported against the AAPI community and it’s hard to believe they weren’t targeting the Asian community, especially with everything going on right now,” said Hong Lee, president of Seniors Fight. Back.

Investigators believe the suspects may not be from the Rowland Heights area. They were described as two men, between the ages of 25 and 30, wearing black hoodies and gray sweatpants and armed with handguns.

The suspects took off in a white Dodge Challenger.


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