SSO steps up efforts to help Covid-19 patients


The Social Security Office (SSO) has partnered with hospitals to step up efforts to ensure that Article 33 and 39 subscribers will be able to access its medical system for Covid-19 treatment, as the number of infections is expected. to augment.

SSO Secretary General Boonsong Thapchaiyuth said yesterday that all members of the program who fall under the two sections can get Covid-19 treatment free of charge at registered hospitals or nearby facilities depending on their medical coverage.

If the current hospitals where members were treated fail to provide treatment, they will be moved to a better hospital.

Members of remote provinces can access its medical system in field hospitals and hospital-hotels (hospitals) as well as in regular hospitals, in addition to alternative options for community and home isolation.

The SSO has a back-up plan to provide enough beds to accommodate subscribers who catch Covid but show only mild symptoms as their numbers are expected to increase.

So far, there are a total of 12,856 beds in its hospitals, including hospitals, of which 3,230 remain vacant.

Overall medical expenses for Covid-19 treatment in public hospitals vary depending on the severity of symptoms. First, hospitals must cover daily expenses, including the cost of room and food up to 1,500 baht, as well as 300 baht for personal protective equipment for mild cases.

For moderate cases, daily expenses will be covered up to 3,000 baht, while hospitals will cover up to 7,500 baht in severe cases. The cost of protective equipment for patients of both categories will be covered up to 740 baht per day.

For hospitals and home isolation centers since Jan. 1, up to 1,000 baht will be covered for up to 10 days with the cost of equipment set at 500 baht per day.

Besides hospitals, Mr Boonsong said the SSO is working with the National Health Security Office (NHSO) to provide additional assistance to its infected members who have mild symptoms and can be treated at home.

He also cited a “Factory Sandbox” program to screen out risk groups in large export factories. They will receive RT-PCR tests and those who test positive will be isolated for treatment.

For medical expenses outside of hospitals, Thai members can receive a disbursement from the NHSO, while foreign nationals can apply to the SSO, he added.

Meanwhile, the Royal Gazette announced on its website yesterday that vaccines who exhibit an allergic reaction will be counted as emergency cases of Covid-19, which must be treated urgently in accordance with hospital regulations.


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