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New life from the whole plant-based diet.

New vision of vegetable proteins…

I can’t choose the best, the best chooses me.

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941)

The richest man’s must-have investment projects, no matter Eastern or Western world, Hollywood stars’ must-have foods are promoted.

In recent years, the vegetarian has become so popular around the world that the population of people abstaining from meat or less animal meat is increasing. After vegan KOL and global network influencers, project invested by Mr. Bill Gates and Sir Ka-shing Li, promoted by vegan movie stars at the same time, Leonardo DiCaprio personally produced the anti-breeding film [Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret], he and Hollywood together begin to support the ideal healthy vegetarian lifestyle through action. Veganism is no longer just a religious discipline, it has already become a fashionable trend. The age of plant population composition, with drivers becoming younger than before.

VégéBon is based in Taiwan, the capital of veganism and the center of cutting-edge technology. We are dedicated to producing healthy and eco-friendly food options for our customers. Following our brand position “EAT GOOD ALL GOOD”through a new vision of plant protein, we provide an excellent source of healthy, convenient and quick food to produce a new life of plant-based diets and drinks for all of humanity, to create a future wonderful with a non-food crisis, sustainability, environmental improvement and animal-friendly resource use for our beloved planet.

VégéBon has spent NT$2 million to transfer high-moisture twin-screw extruded products technology from Taiwan Food Industry Research and Development Institute, apply three patented technologies to remove the smell of seeds from soybeans and develop the most flavors of vegetable flour. Plant-based plant foods with natural formula of organic spices, are developed by our laboratory for different markets. Our lab owns HACCP and ISO22000 quality of plant-based wholemeal vegetable flour, introduces new kitchen every month. Thanks to all efforts, All Good Bio. Inc, VégéBon, was honored to receive the Taiwan Golden Brand and Chinese Excellence Award in 2020 from the International Trade Association of ROC

VégéBon products satisfy flexitarians who are looking for simple natural plant-based foods, reduce the frequency of meat consumption to get closer to a healthy diet, respectful of the environment and reducing carbon emissions. VégéBon develops plant-based cuisine with sufficient nutrition, excellent texture, low sodium, less oil, no chemical additives, let people have a healthy life with delicacy and good taste. VégéBon’s cuisine is as follows:

U-plant meals:

U-Plant Good Chicken (6 flavors, Vegan): Original/Black Pepper/Curry/Szechuan Pepper/Spicy/Crazy Spicy

Excellent choice of wonderful appetizer with coffee or tea suitable for the whole family, absolutely healthier and delicious than chicken nuggets.

U-plant Good Burger (vegan):

Wonderful friend for anyone in a hurry – quick and convenient cooking with lots of flavor, sautéed and juicy, similar to brand name burgers. Apply carefully selected pea protein without cholesterol, culprit-free, or even spoil yourself.

U-plant Good Pork:

Excellent food ingredients from chefs, made from soy protein with handmade pork texture, smell aromatic. It’s good for meatballs or dumping world types, make you the Master Chef instantly!

U-Plant combo packs:

U-Plant Mapo Tofu Sause (Vegan):

Mapo Sause with an excellent proportion with U-plant Bon Pork, spice and smell dedicated to meat meal. Adding to Chinese tofu, perfectly executes Sichuan cuisine by its hot and numbing flavor.

U-Plant Thai Green Curry (Vegan):

Made from Chinese cumin and sweet coconut-scented green peppers, fully melt like savory Thai food. Serve with cooked rice or noodles, one bite at a time.

U-Plant Hot and Stinky Tofu Pot (Vegan):

Exclusive formula of Sichuan pepper, ginseng powder, angelica powder, cassia, nutmeg…etc. Top-notch Chinese ingredients simmer in an amazing hot and stinky tofu pot, the hot pot flavor with a pleasant tingling feeling, has a lot of hot stuff, energizing every day with tonic food.

U-Plant Bon Shrimp (vegan):

U-Plant Bon Shrimp made from konjac jelly, testy and delicious, pleasant and chewy texture. No need to worry about fat or cholesterol, good for braising, poaching or frying.

U-Plant Braised Red-cooked Pork Belly (Vegan):

The ridged konjac and plant-based meat with layers of fat and lean in the red-cooked pork belly, just melt in your mouth, tender and translucent konjac replaced the real pork bacon, smooth and tangy.

5S Dimensional Supplemental Drinks (Vegan):

Whole herbal drinks, easy to control body weight, help boost human body metabolism with vege. Apply 85% soy protein concentrate with over 7g plant protein, less than 100 calories, healthy and easy to drink. Five flavors with five different functions, meet your daily activities with body needs at different times.

  • Apply Flavor: Spring and youth:

95% hyaluronic acid, Q10.

  • Berry Flavor: Sculpture to the body:

FDA IGOB131 Certified African Mango Seed Extract, Super Citrimax Natural Fibers.

  • Cocoa flavor, Sharp state of mind:

B complex vitamins, Maca extract, DHA.

  • Flavor Lea Tea, Strong body:

BCAA, Creatine, Guarana Extract.

  • Peach Flavor, A Good Night Sleep:

FDA Patented Pharma GABA, Sesamin Extract.

VégéBon continues to be dedicated to being the leading plant-based food brand.

Plant-based food from All Good Bio, Inc. is the number one choice for tasty and healthy food.

More information: https://www.eatvegebon.com/ and https://en.allgoodbio.com/


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