Sault woman inspires Indian couple opening new restaurant (5 photos)


Raju and Mamta Sehgal credit Barbara Bruni of Sault as their inspiration for opening their new Indian restaurant – Mom’s Kitchen – in the old Tech building (now known as the Sault Activities Centre).

After the pair were introduced to Bruni through a friend, Mamta became like a girl to Sault’s wife, with the two enjoying a special chemistry.

Bruni cut the ribbon to officially open Mom’s Kitchen on February 2 and shared Italian recipes with Mamta, with the restaurant now including Bruni’s chicken soup and minestrone soup on its menu.

“She was so excited. We treat her like a mom. We love it,” Raju said, speaking to SooToday.

“I am so touched that my cooking inspired Mamta to open a restaurant. It’s wonderful that Mamta and I can share an appreciation for nutritious home-cooked meals made with love. I’m very excited about the opening of Mom’s Kitchen and wish them all the best,” said Bruni.

Business has been good so far thanks to the spread of information on social media, Raju said.

Mom’s Kitchen offers both dine-in and take-out, open daily from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m., Raju said.

“(While all patrons of any age or background are welcome), I want Mom’s Kitchen to be for international students who miss their families,” Mamta said.

Acknowledging that every good mother worries about whether her son or daughter is eating properly when they are away from home for college or university, Raju said with a smile “that is our vision for students to say ‘don’t worry mom, I go to Mom’s Kitchen every day in the Sault.’ »

The restaurant, over the past few days, has attracted international students from India and the Philippines.

While naturally focusing on Indian cuisine, the couple also serve Thai and Filipino cuisine.

“Our vision is to provide healthy food to all members of the community at a good price. Our vision is to take care of everyone with food that is good for them,” Raju said.

The restaurant’s dishes are prepared and cooked with healthy Indian oil.

Mom’s Kitchen menu includes daily specials such as Chulay Puri Halwa – consisting of chickpeas, curry, Indian bread and a sweet dish – as well as chicken curry, spicy Thai food, vegetable fried rice, plain rice, zeera rice and lots of salad to give Saultites healthier food alternatives.

Raju and Mamta Sehgal emigrated to Canada from India in January 2020.

“We like the place. People are so nice. We think it’s the Almighty’s blessing upon us (to be in Sault Ste. Marie),” Raju said.

“People here are very good,” Mamta said, adding that she and Raju are not afraid of the cold Canadian winters.

“The beauty of this city is in the winters,” Raju said, comparing India’s moonlit nights to the “winter wonderland” that is Canada.

With such a focus on mothers, the couple interestingly said they don’t celebrate Mother’s Day in May.


“Every day is Mother’s Day,” Raju said, as mothers are especially admired and revered in Indian society.


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