Sabah can leverage medical marijuana and hemp “cash crops” to boost economy, suggests Leiking


KOTA KINABALU: The government of Sabah has been urged to consider new cash crop industries like medical marijuana and industrial hemp to boost the state’s economic development.

Moyog congressman Datuk Darell Leiking said these industries were new but they were getting a lot of attention, adding that neighboring countries like Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia have ventured into the culture of these cultures.

“We have to be brave to get into these industries because countries like Singapore have moved into the packaging of medical marijuana while Thailand has moved into the production of industrial hemp and medical cannabis.

“We also have to look at this or we will be left behind,” Party Vice Chairman Warisan Sabah said at the state legislature meeting on Monday (December 6th).

He said Sabah had an abaca industry in Tawau many years ago, which was an integral part of industrial hemp.

He said Sabah is suitable for these crops because its soil contains volcanic ingredients, which helps produce higher quality industrial hemp.

Earlier, during his debate speech, Leiking said that Sabah should no longer be seen as a mere agrarian state, but as a state capable of producing high-quality agricultural products.

“My opinion is that Sabah can never beat the Philippines and Indonesia in terms of volume production, but we can compete in terms of the quality and level of products produced,” he said.

He also said it was vital for the government to allocate more funds to research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) and then its development for agricultural development.

Leiking also suggested that the government reconsider the nature conservation agreement that the carbon agreement is involved in and bring investors to Sabah instead of selling carbon credits to foreigners.

“Blue carbon is another area that we can seriously consider. We have an abundance of land and seas and we have things that we can share with the world, but we have to bring them to Sabah and certify them to our own. regulatory body, ”he said.


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