Riyadh seeks to boost food security with Thai partnerships


A Thai official revealed his country’s efforts to establish bilateral partnerships with Saudi Arabia to improve food security, stressing that his country would study and address the challenges faced by Saudi investors in exporting to Thailand. .

He made the remarks at a meeting in Bangkok on Tuesday which brought together Thailand’s deputy minister of agriculture and cooperative societies and a delegation from the Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Thai official stressed the importance of the meeting, noting that the Saudi delegation, which numbered more than 100 businessmen, was the first and largest to visit Thailand in 32 years.

Chairman of the Riyadh House Agriculture and Water Committee, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Turki, said the Kingdom is interested in building its capacity and expanding its investment and trade relations with countries in the world. around the world to promote food security. He noted that Thailand’s enormous agricultural wealth would play a major role in forging new partnerships with Saudi Arabia.

He added that Thailand’s advanced technologies in the field of agriculture are a source of confidence and a great opportunity for the Saudis to form multiple partnerships in this particular field.

Trade and economic relations between Saudi Arabia and Thailand have recently been revived after being suspended for three decades.

The Saudi-Thai Investment Forum was launched in May in the Saudi capital, where a number of MoUs were signed between the Ministry of Investment and an official Thai delegation.

The Riyadh Chamber delegation discussed cooperation opportunities in mining technologies in Thailand, in addition to strengthening partnership in the field of research and industrial consulting.


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