Public debt to total baht 2.89 billion in fiscal year 2022


BANGKOK: The Cabinet approved the public debt management plan, which includes a new borrowing of 1.340 billion baht for fiscal year 2022, starting in October.

Deputy government spokeswoman Rachada Dhnadirek said the public debt management plan also includes an existing debt management plan, worth 1.55 billion baht, as well as a plan 339 billion baht in debt repayment in fiscal year 2022, reports the state news agency NBT.

She said the plan covers government borrowing used for various purposes, including to offset a budget deficit; additional loans under the Emergency Loans Decree in 2021; loans to finance investment projects of the state and public enterprises, such as the double track rail system, the third phase of the Suvarnabhumi airport, the improvement of the electricity network and the restructuring of the debt of the government agencies.

Ms Rachada cited the finance ministry report that investments under the public debt management plan in fiscal year 2022 will help boost the economy and support economic recovery, once the situation is over. of COVID-19 will improve.

Under the debt plan, public debt is expected to reach 62.6% of GDP in fiscal year 2022.

Meanwhile, the economic committee of the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has approved a program to support employment in SMEs and a program to reopen the country to tourism, the agency reported. sister state press NNT.

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha chaired the fourth 2021 meeting of the economic body of the CCSA by video conference, saying that economic and tourism stimulation must be continuous and meet the needs of the private sector.

He stressed that the government needs new sources of income and called for focusing on quality tourism and safe travel in the country, noting that his visits with the public have revealed that many groups need help. on issues such as household debt, skilled labor. even obsolete laws that limit progress.

Recognizing that the post COVID-19 world will be a world of strong competition, he called on all state agencies to go beyond simple compensation and financial aid to more beneficial development aimed at the self-sufficiency.

The prime minister said he wanted a complete transformation of the nation and explained that government programs related to basic and digital infrastructure are not aimed at achieving short-term results but at ensuring long-term sustainability.

The meeting then approved in principle a program to maintain employment in SMEs and an approach to reopening international tourism in the country in accordance with government policies. The latter program envisions Phuket as a world-class destination and involves the “Visit Thailand 2022, Now Even More Amazing Thailand Has It All” campaign.

At the end of the meeting, the prime minister said his administration is committed to addressing economic issues as well as the current flood problem to ease the burden on the public, outlining employment-related programs , business rehabilitation, credit granting and debt suspension as well as travel. projects such as the Phuket Sandbox, which brought income to the country.

He said the state’s goal is to maintain employment and create new jobs to tackle both unemployment and vacancies in industries. While accepting the need for foreign labor, he said he also wanted Thai nationals to have jobs, especially in modern factories.


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