Plant-based launches branch out with chicken popcorn bites, Mexican nachos and Thai dishes


May 17, 2022 — In the savory food space, traditional meat companies are steadily branching out of the space with offerings of plant-based protein innovations.

Proof of this, the traditionally meat-heavy IFFA 2022 show in Frankfurt, Germany, is currently highlighting a wide range of meatless concepts, including iterations of chicken popcorn bites, Mexican nachos and entrees. Thai.

FoodIngredientsFirst reports live from the show on the ongoing event, which highlights functional ingredient solutions for cured meats and vegan options from Kerry, Bunge and Kalsec.

Experimenting with smoke and umami
In evidence of IFFA’s expansion beyond the traditional meat category, taste and nutrition giant Kerry showcased a diverse range of meat and plant-based offerings at the show.

In the meat category, the company introduced its beef-based Smoky Umami Sliders, which are made with a seasoning blend of fermented ingredients, natural flavors and smoke to deliver a juicier flavor.

Kerry’s Pork Frankfurter also debuted – made with smoky flavor, lactate-free and phosphate-free preservation – as well as its Big Flavor Mini Chicken Tenders, which were served with a homemade coating containing the new LightBake breadcrumbs for a sensation lingering umami.

Additionally, Kerry’s BBQ Wings smoky flavored chicken wings were served two ways: classic and reduced in salt and sugar.

For the plant-based segment, Kerry’s Porkless Laab was introduced as a version of the famous Thai pork dish. It offers a savory and meaty base with notes of coriander, ginger, garlic, onion and mint.

Bite-sized chicken-free popcorn bites were also served at the stand, made with pea protein. The plant-based chicken pieces are coated in a crispy Taiwanese-inspired coating.

“So the base itself is based on pea protein with a built-in mask to cover up some of those green, better notes that you sometimes get from pea protein. So with our built-in masker, we have a more neutral base from which we can start building our technologies on top of it,” said Jordan Landy, R&D technologist at Kerry. FoodIngredientsFirst.

Next up are the company’s No-Beef Sliders, a meatless burger concept designed with the perfect bite in mind, delivering smoky and grilled notes throughout the dining experience. It is marketed without methylcellulose.

Reduced sodium turkey ham Reduced sodium turkey ham with acetate-based preservation and salt perception thanks to Tastesense Salt technology.

Nacho cheese made with chorizo ​​without pork and beans
Bunge was on the show showcasing their new plant-based chorizo ​​and cheese nacho concept.

“It has all the flavor, texture and experience of a real chorizo ​​nacho, with the cheese sauce and sour cream also being 100% plant-based,” says Mark Stavo, Bunge’s global marketing director.

“We have pilot plants for meat, alternative meats and pilot plants for dairy. We can take a benchtop idea concept – like a chorizo ​​nacho – from the baseline phase and scale it up to a pilot plant launch.

Bunge used three different types of base ingredients from its portfolio to create its plant-based chorizo ​​and cheese nacho concept – textured soy protein, coconut oil and soy lecithin.

“All of these ingredients together have different benefits,” Stavo notes. “Textured soy protein brings structure and juiciness to the meat analogue, while coconut and sunflower oils provide juiciness.”

“In the cheese sauce, the bean protein is essential to help the melting profile. Meanwhile, the coconut oil gives the sauce creaminess and texture – as is also the case for our pea-based sour cream component.

Natural Food Protection Blends
Kalsec – a global supplier of natural spice and herb extracts, colorants, food protection and hop extracts for the food and beverage industry – introduces its DuraShield antimicrobial natural food protection blends at the IFFA 2022.

DuraShield Natural Food Protection Blends combine traditional natural antioxidants, like rosemary and acerola extracts, with natural antimicrobials, like cultured dextrose and buffered vinegar.

This product has been found to extend shelf life and promote food safety in a variety of applications including meat and poultry, deli salads, dips, sauces and dressings.

“Our DuraShield antimicrobial and antioxidant blends balance scientifically proven functional efficacy, flavor and aroma management systems to ensure the highest quality solutions that protect your brand,” comments Jane Quartel, Executive Director of Product Management. , food protection, at Kalsec.

Plus, DuraShield is a unique 2-in-1 solution, where the ingredients are more powerful together than they are alone.

“Food manufacturers are facing extended distances between distribution channels, growing demand for longer shelf life, and consumer demand for short and simple product labels,” Quartel notes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that each year 16% of Americans become ill from contaminated food or drink and 3,000 people die. Additionally, the US Department of Agriculture estimates an annual loss of more than US$15.6 billion due to foodborne illness.

Kalsec launches DuraShield Food Protection Blends for the first time in the United States. Future deployments in other regions of the world are to come.

By Benjamin Ferrer

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