Phoenix Goes Sweet On Earth Raw Organic Desserts from Sugar


“I sleep three hours a night and bake a hundred cakes a week,” says Jennifer Meyers, chief confectioner at the Phoenix-based superfood confectionery called Earth sugar. “I like to say that I create the purest form of joy.”

Meyers, currently a one-woman show, offers raw organic desserts made from whole foods. Its flagship product, Super Bark Classic Crunch, is a blend of cashews, dates, coconut and mesquite topped with crunchy cocoa, maple drizzle and sea salt crystals.

“I basically take ingredients that have been around since the beginning of ancient times and blend them with the sweetness from trees, bees, plants and seeds,” she says. “My goal is to create decadent, flavorful foods that you can enjoy regardless of your dietary preferences – things prepared without all of the processing and disgusting ingredients that undermine our overall well-being. ”

Meyers grew up in a small town in New Jersey, where his grandparents ran a meat market and a grocery store that sold locally grown fruits and vegetables and ethnic pantry items. Her other grandmother was an English teacher who taught Meyers to write.

“Growing up, I knew food and how to put a story on paper, and I thought one of them would be my life,” she says.

Writing won out over baking, at least in the beginning. At Penn State, Meyers studied journalism and ran the college lifestyle magazine. Then something happened to his stomach.

Click to enlarge You won't find tapioca gum or fiber in Jennifer Meyers Earth Sugar candies.  - JENNIFER MEYERS

You won’t find tapioca gum or fiber in Jennifer Meyers Earth Sugar candies.

Jennifer meyer

“I didn’t know what it was,” she said. “But literally overnight, I went from being able to eat anything, and my garbage disposal from a belly would digest it, to not being able to eat anything without getting sick.”

Meyers was eventually diagnosed with a serious digestive illness known as Bacterial Intestinal Overgrowth or SIBO. She switched to a gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free diet, quit eating processed foods, and started reading the ingredient list on every grocery item she bought.

“I learned how these horrible foods affect your skin, your mood, your hormones, your eyesight,” she says. “I wanted to do something to change this for others.”

On a whim, she booked a flight to Phoenix from her post-graduate home in New York City. While she was here she met her boyfriend and decided to stay and see if she could get into confectionery making.

She launched Earth Sugar in March with what was supposed to be a test.

Click to enlarge Earth Sugar's Caramel Candy Micro Cake has a sweet almond crust, butterscotch cake and a crisp cocoa coating.  - JENNIFER MEYERS

Earth Sugar’s Caramel Candy Micro Cake has a sweet almond crust, butterscotch cake and a crisp cocoa coating.

Jennifer meyer

“I posted an ad on my Facebook page offering a sample of my organic confections,” she says. “You know, just to see what the point would be. And in about eight hours, I had over 250 paid orders.

Suddenly Meyers was in the candy business. Today, Earth Sugar is available at half a dozen farmers’ markets, various outlets across the valley, and through website. She regularly takes to the Carefree Farmers Market on Fridays, the downtown Chandler Market on Saturday mornings, and the High Street Market on Sunday mornings. She attended the downtown vegan night market earlier this month and plans to return for the next on November 13. Subscribers can follow Earth Sugar on Instagram, Facebook, and TIC Tac.

“I’m overwhelmed,” she admits. “Sort of overnight, I became a full time confectioner.”

It’s an unusual word, she admits. “But I never knew what to call myself because I’m a bit of a variety show. I’m an inventor and I worked in journalism, and when I make sweets, I mix them up, I don’t bake them, so I’m not really a baker. I don’t feel like a chef and I don’t want to call myself a maker.

Calling herself a confectioner sets her apart, Meyers believes. “I haven’t found anyone who makes candy without thickeners, gums, toxic chemicals, or food coloring. My sweets are just nuts, seeds and sweet fruits with a plant shape. Many others add monk fruit or tapioca fiber, both of which are natural. But are they healthy?

Meyers is nice when people call her a baker.

“It’s funny to me, because I can’t even start making a regular tray of brownies,” she admits. “But you better believe that if you want me to do it, I can make one out of avocados, black beans and jicama.”


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