Omicron could lead to more hospitalizations than last January without “plan C”


SSocial mix and people traveling between cities rose sharply after the UK’s second lockdown, before dropping suddenly a few days before Christmas 2020, new research shows.

WorldPop researchers, demographics experts at the University of Southampton, analyzed the movements of anonymous Facebook users in the UK from March 2020.

They found that there was a spike in people traveling and mixing after lockdown two in November 2020, before a dramatic drop in movements from December 18 to 20, 2020.

London and the South East were placed under Level 4 restrictions on December 19, 2020, meaning people were urged not to leave their local areas, not to spend the night outside their homes and non-essential hospitality and retail have been closed.

Professor Andy Tatem, Director of WorldPop, said: “Our analysis of the weeks to come and after the Christmas shows last year, there was a sudden surge in activity immediately after the November lockdown ended and then a drop in spectacular over the ten days between December 18 and 20.

“With infection levels currently still high before Christmas and concerns about the new variant of omicron, our study provides useful insight into people’s response to the tightening and easing of measures, as well as patterns of. mixing during the holiday season. “

The research has been published in the International Journal of Health Demographics.


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