No change for Thailand land and buildings tax rates for 2022 – Tax


Thailand: No change for Thailand’s land and buildings tax rates for 2022

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On December 13, 2021, the Royal Decree fixing the rates of property and property taxes BE 2564 (2021) was published in the Official Journal. The Royal Decree, which was issued under the Law on Land and Real Estate Tax BE 2562 (2019) and takes effect on January 1, 2022, maintains the current rates of property and property tax, which have been in effect since 2020.

The property and property tax rates for each type of property covered by the Royal Decree are indicated below:



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The Advance Rulings Authority (“AAR”) in the case of Bharat Oman Refineries Limited (“AAR Ruling”) has determined that the following payments / benefits will be subject to the Goods and Services Tax.

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Practice of economic law

The taxpayer, an individual, realized long-term capital gains on the sale of certain shares of Kappac Pharma Ltd. and applied for an exemption under section 10 (38) of the Income Tax Act 1961.


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