Ministry of Industry welcomes health device exports to Thailand and Ireland


Given its investment and employment aspects, this industrial sector offers a large multiplier effect for the national economy.

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Ministry of Industry congratulated PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia for exporting medical devices to Thailand and Ireland, saying this demonstrates the competitiveness of Indonesia’s medical industry in the international market.

“The medical device industry is one of the government’s priority sectors, especially to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and increase the use of domestic medical device products,” said Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita.

The company’s products were competitive in terms of quality, cost and delivery, he noted while reporting the export shipments of COVID-19 products from PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia’s rapid antigen test cassette. to Thailand and Ireland here Tuesday.

“The prices of PT Taishan’s products are very competitive for the domestic market compared to imported products. It creates its own added value for consumers, ”he added in a written statement.

In addition, he stressed that the ministry will always support attempts to increase industrial competitiveness and advance domestic industries.

“We are optimistic that our human resources will succeed in making the attempts,” he said.

In addition, the minister said that PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia has invested in the medical device sector to manufacture 1.2 million rapid antigen test cassettes per day and absorb a workforce of up to a thousand people. .

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“Given its investment and employment aspects, this industrial sector offers a large multiplier effect for the national economy. Thus, we will continue to encourage this company to develop its activities to promote import substitution, ”he added.

For its rapid test antigen swab, PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia has obtained a distribution license for household medical devices from the Ministry of Health, he noted.

“In addition, the product has been certified with the CE mark – which means that the product complies with European standards – which will support export activities to the European market,” he said.

In addition, the product already has a local content requirement (TKDN) of 48.6% and is included in the category of mandatory goods used in the purchase of medical devices in public health facilities, he added. .

“With the attainment of the TKDN value, it is expected that the stock of finished products which have been manufactured by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia up to five million pieces can be absorbed, especially in government procurement, contributing thus to increase the use of national products. medical devices and supporting the government’s program to increase import substitution by 35% by 2022, ”Kartasasmita explained.

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In addition, he also added that the ministry is determined to achieve Indonesia’s independence in the health sector, both in medical devices and drugs.

Therefore, the government has banned imported products from appearing in the electronic catalog of the Government Goods and Services Procurement Policy Agency (LKPP), he added.

About 79 of the 358 types of medical devices manufactured in the country were able to replace imported products in the LKPP electronic catalog, he revealed.

“Most of the domestic products already have a TKDN value above 40%, which means that they must be purchased, while the imported products are removed from the display of the electronic catalog,” noted the Minister of Industry.

Meanwhile, PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia CEO Eko Sihombing said the company is committed to providing quality and competitive products, in line with existing standards, to support government programs to meet demand for the population in the midst of the pandemic in order to prevent and manage the transmission of COVID-19.

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