Majority want their children to be vaccinated against Covid: survey


Medical staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) are seen after administering injections of the AstraZeneca / Oxford Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine in a “mobile vaccination unit” installed inside a bus in Bangkok on September 8, 2021 (AFP file photo)

According to an opinion poll from Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The survey was conducted online September 27-30 among 1,089 people with children attending schools across the country.

A majority – 75.44% – of respondents agreed with the policy, while 24.56% disagreed.

When asked if they were ready to allow their children to be vaccinated, a majority or 61.43% answered “yes”; 26.17% said they preferred to wait q time; and 12.40% said “no”.

When asked to predict the possible outcomes of vaccinated children, 46% said the favorable outcomes would outweigh the unfavorable outcomes; 40.96% said the results would be just as good as they were unfavorable; and 12.30% said there would be more unfavorable than favorable results.

When asked where their children should be immunized, 64.13% replied that they should be immunized at school; 17.02% said they should be taken for vaccination in hospitals; 10.19% said they should be taken by their parents to a vaccination center; and 8.66% said schools should arrange for them to receive Covid-19 vaccines at a vaccination center.

When asked about their concerns about immunizing children aged 12 to 17, with each respondent allowed to choose more than one answer, 77.59% said they were concerned about side effects; 69.42% were concerned about long term side effects; 62.08% wondered who would take responsibility for any unusual effects; 61.89% are concerned about the effectiveness of vaccines; and 47.20% were concerned about the health of children before being vaccinated.


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