Less safety in life, property in the age of Covid-19: survey


The Covid-19 pandemic is forcing people to make some adjustments in their daily lives, including wearing a mask in public places like a market. (Photo: Apichart Jinakul)

A majority of people say they experience less safety in life and property in the age of Covid-19, according to the result of an opinion poll from Suan Dusit Rajabaht University, or Suan Dusit Poll.

The survey was conducted online with 1,172 people nationwide from September 19-23 to collect their opinions on “threats to society in the age of Covid-19.”

When asked to compare between the time before the Covid-19 outbreak and now in terms of the safety of life and property, a majority, 72.78%, of those surveyed said they knew less security; 24.40% said the situation remained unchanged; and 2.82% said the situation had improved.

Most – 54.46% – were moderately concerned about this issue, 25.56% were very concerned; 16.81% a little worried; and 3.17% not at all concerned.

When asked to mention current threats to society, with each respondent allowed to choose more than one answer, 68.66% cited fraud, hacks, scams and online gambling; 65.24% mental depression and suicide; 62.60% fake news on social networks; 59.86% theft and burglary; and 58.58% violence in media content, leading to emulation.

When asked what had exacerbated the threats to society, 89.31% mentioned poverty, unemployment and poor living conditions; 87.94% the poor economy; 79.81% government mismanagement of economic problems and unequal distribution of state social assistance; 71.00% the Covid-19 pandemic; and 57.91% of social disparities.


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