Laotian police seize nearly 2 tonnes of methamphetamine worth more than $ 200 million


Local authorities in Laos have seized a massive drug shipment that a United Nations criminal agency has called the largest seizure on record in Asia.

The biggest in history: Laos police discovered 55.6 million on Wednesday methamphetamine pills and less than 1.7 tonnes of crystal meth inside a beer delivery truck that officers pulled over for inspection, reported the Washington post.

  • The contraband was hidden in crates stamped with the logos of the beer brand Lao Brewery, which is partly owned by the Laotian government.

  • The state has since issued a statement that the truck was not registered with the company or its subsidiaries and that the mark was simply “abused to cover illegal activity.”

  • The truck was intercepted in the Laotian province of Bokèo, bordering Thailand and Myanmar.

  • According to Jeremy Douglas, representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for Southeast Asia, the bust was “by far the biggest seizure in Asian history. ‘East and Southeast’.

  • If the drugs were sold in neighboring countries like Thailand, the United Nations body roughly calculated that they would be worth nearly $ 190 million. If exported to countries like Australia, crystal meth alone could be worth around $ 200 million, based on current prices there.

  • The seizure represents about three times the total number of methamphetamine tablets and a third of the total methamphetamine crystals confiscated by Laotian authorities last year.

The golden triangle: Bokeo Province lies at the center of the remote Golden Triangle region, which has become an international haven for illicit drug production and trafficking activities, the report said. BBC.

  • Local law enforcement units recently captured some 16 million methamphetamine tablets in two recent operations within a week and have since been “on heightened alert”.

  • According to Douglas, the current unrest in Myanmar’s Shan State has resulted in a substantial increase in drug trafficking in the region in recent months.

  • “Neighbors and the wider region are completely inundated with methamphetamine, and there is no doubt that this has to do with the governance situation in Shan,” he said.

Featured Image via VOA60News

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