Korat market-linked Covid cases jump to 270


Two men clean up an area around Talad Suranaree in Muang district of Nakhon Ratchasima province on Saturday. The largest fresh produce wholesale market in the Northeast was closed until September 25 due to the growing number of Covid-19 cases. (Photo: Prasit Tangprasert)

NAKHON RATCHASIMA: The number of Covid-19 infections linked to a major agricultural wholesale market in the northeast has risen to 270, prompting authorities to extend its closure until September 25.

Last Sunday, the provincial communicable disease committee shut down Talad Suranaree until September 15 after 79 of 1,444 traders tested positive.

As of Friday, the number of cases found in the market, the largest fresh produce wholesale market in the Northeast, had risen to 187.

Another 55 customers and vendors in other markets who bought from Talad Suranaree and 28 family members of previously infected cases brought the total to 270 cases on Friday.

The provincial communicable disease control committee has extended the market closure until September 25 in an effort to control the spread of the disease.

Health officials continued to conduct mass testing using antigen test kits in other markets where vendors have purchased products from Talad Suranaree.


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