JSL accuses digital disruption and Covid-19 of ‘partial termination of business’


In 2019, JSL’s revenue totaled 444.4 million baht, against total expenses of 456.9 million, resulting in a net loss of 24.8 million baht.

The following year, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the company’s revenue totaled 354.7 million baht and expenses were 361.1 million, a net loss of 22.3 million. .

The company’s revenue fell to 198.2 million baht last year at the height of Covid-19, while its expenses totaled 236.5 million, with net loss rising to 57.1 million baht.

JSL was founded in November 1979 to produce program content for Channel 5 before expanding to other television channels including Channel 7, PPTV and MCOT, and has also been involved in organizing events. Among his most popular programs are the variety talk show “Joh Jai” and the celebrity reality show “Tam Sanya”.

In its statement, the company thanked its host television stations, advertising agencies and clients, as well as other media and viewers for their “continued support”.

JSL has also recognized the contributions of its employees over the years. “We hope to have the opportunity to return to deliver new forms of creative works for society and our viewers,” the statement read.


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