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Food is actually the spice of life – and the more variety the better. As I’ve mentioned in previous columns, I grew up in a mixed ethnic Pittsburgh neighborhood in the 1950s. We rarely dined out, but the homemade meals passed down from generation to generation were delicious. We ate dishes from Poland, Germany and other Eastern European countries.

The richness and varieties of these foods were incredible. I also worked in a neighborhood butcher shop and delivered traditional cuts of meat, pork and lamb and Polish sausages to families.

Former Sioux City Councilman Jim Rixner is shown in a portrait at the offices of the Sioux City Journal Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. Sioux City Journal photo by Tim Hynds

Tim Hynds, Sioux Town Journal

So recently when I learned that Ghebrekin Semehar, the Community Inclusion Liaison for the Town of Sioux City, had compiled a list of all the ethnic restaurants in Siouxland, I was thrilled to see the list . The number is large and it is a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of the families who brought their food and rich cultural traditions to our community. The following is a list of these restaurants divided into Asian, African, South American and European.

ASIAN – Sioux City: China Pantry, Southern Hills Mall; Chinese Chef, 3069 Floyd Blvd: Da-Kao Restaurant, 800 7th St.; Diamond Thai Kitchen, 515 West 7th St.; Four Seasons Restaurant, 4001 W 7th St.; Fuji Sushi Teriyaki 4400 Sergeant Road; Golden Bowl, 1408 Blvd. Hamilton; Hong Kong Garden, 3069 Floyd Blvd; Hunan Palace, 3521 Singing Hills Blvd; King Sea, 1902 Court Street; Koi Sushi and Steakhouse, 1790 Hamilton Blvd; LeeAnn Chin, 4400 Sergeant Road; Mr. Stirfry, 4501 Southern Hills Dr; Pete’s Thai at 5th, 507 5th Street; Shai Palace, 3146 Singing Hills Blvd; Sushi Bamboo, 1420, boul. Hamilton; Tikka Indian Grill, 2400 Hamilton Blvd; Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, 4567 Southern Hills Dr; Wok N Go, 2509 Hamilton Blvd; 79 Degrees, Vietnamese Desserts, 3087 Floyd Blvd.

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Locations outside of Sioux City: Chinese Chef, 2800 Dakota Ave; Lotus Asian Kitchen, 1901 Cornhusker Drive; Mateo Kitchen and Catering (Filipino) 300 1st St., Suite A, Sergeant Bluff.

AFRICAN – Sioux City: Ayshah’s Restaurant and Cafe (Ethiopian) 518 5th St; Elilly Restaurant and Cafe, 1529 Pierce St; Habesha Eritrean and Ethiopian Restaurant, 1800 Pierce St; Hdmona Bar and Restaurant (Ethiopian) 416 Jackson St.

South Sioux City: Aaran (Somali) 1300 Dakota Ave; Restaurant Adan (Somali/East Africa) 310 E. 13th St., Bahadir Coffee Shop (Somali/East Africa) 204 E 13th; East African Restaurant and Deli, 217 W. 23rd; Nile Restaurant (Egyptian) 1900 Dakota Ave.

Mexican – Sioux City locations: Abarrotes Aguiliar, 1101 Court St; California Bakery (Salvadorian) 1500 Villa Ave; El Gato Negro, 24 W 3rd St; El Herradero, 1223 Court Street; El Tapatio Restaurant, 3400 Gordon Dr; Jose Family Restaurant, 1440 Pierce Street; La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, 1100 Steben Street; La Juanita 1316 Pierce Street; Tacos La Momia, 1100 Nebraska Street; La Morena, 1332 Jackson Street; The Palapa,700 W.7th St; Monterrey Mexican Restaurant, 3130 Singing Hills Blvd; Navarrete’s, 3124 US-75; Nevveria y Antojitos Cuauhtemoc, 2116 Court St; Rudy Navarrete’s Mexican Kitchen, 2421 Riverside Blvd; Tacos El Guero, 525 Pearl St; Taqueria El Buen Gusto, 315 Hamilton Blvd; Taqueria Gallo Giro, 1910 Leech Ave; Taqueria Monja Blanca, 1109 Villa Ave; Taqueria Monja Blanca, 3210 Gordon Dr; Zeny’s Mexican Food 4400 Sergeant Rd; California Bakery, 1500 Villa Ave; Suarez Bakery, 1708 14th. St.

South Sioux City: Angelina’s Cantina, 103 8th St; Deanda”s Tortilla Inc., (Lain American) 104 W.39th; El Ranchito Restaurant and Bar, 2101 Cornhusker Drive; El Rincon del Tamel, 2509 Dakota Ave; Evelyn’s Bakery, 2306 Dakota Ave; La Fiesta, 618 Dakota Ave; La Isla, 611 W. 29th St; La Michocana, 1723 Dakota Avenue; La Morena, 1215 Dakota Ave., La Salsita, 1606 Dakota Ave; Liquor & Bar Los Amigos (Latin America), 1313 Dakota Ave; Mi Family, 618 Dakota Ave; Mi Rancherita, 1512 Dakota Ave; Taqueria de Roble, 1401 Dakota Ave; Tacos La Juanita, 116 E. 21st St; Taqueria El Joven, 2522 Dakota Ave.

North Sioux City: Tacos El Guero, 1301 River Drive.

European: Greek to Me, 5714 Sunnybrook Drive; Johnnie Mars (Greek) 2401 5th St.; Sam’s Gyros (Greek), 4400 Sergeant Road; Opa Time (Greek) 2129 Hamilton Blvd; Trattoria Fresco (Italian) 511 4th St.

Here is. A pretty impressive list to choose from. Thanks to Ghebrekin Semeler for compiling this list. I invite all Siouxlanders to share in these wonderful dishes prepared by so many of our neighbors eager to share their food and cultures. I doubt I’ll be able to make my way through all of these places, but I’ll do my best over the next few months. Definitely a change of pace from burgers, steaks, ribs and wings. Enjoy your lunch!

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A resident of Sioux City, Jim Rixner is the retired executive director of the Siouxland Mental Health Center, is the current chairman of the board of directors of the Winnebago Comprehensive Healthcare System, and is a former member of the Sioux City Council. He and his wife, Bernadette, are the parents of three adult sons and grandparents of nine.


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