Huawei praises Thailand as 5G leader


Huawei praises Thailand as 5G leader

Telecoms giant proposes national 5G alliance to take development to the next level

Abel Deng, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Thailand, speaks at Shaping Tomorrow: Power of 5G and Technology Convergence, a virtual event hosted by the Bangkok Post Friday.

Global tech powerhouse Huawei praised Thailand for being a 5G leader in ASEAN and suggested the country would take better advantage of cutting-edge technology by establishing a national 5G alliance.

The comments were made by Abel Deng, Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Thailand, in a speech at “Shaping Tomorrow: Power of 5G and Technology Convergence”, a virtual event hosted by the Bangkok Post Friday.

“Among all the ASEAN countries, I would like to say that Thailand is now definitely the leader in 5G,” Mr. Deng said giving examples of 5G developments in the consumer and consumer industries. country.

For the mainstream market, new infrastructure has spurred the rapid development of 5G across the country. There are now 3 million 5G subscribers, a massive expansion of over 20,000 5G sites nationwide, and a better user experience compared to 4G in terms of download speed and latency.

In the industrial market, 5G has been adopted by large companies in important sectors such as manufacturing, financial services, retail, healthcare and agriculture.

“We are so inspired and excited to see the deployment of infrastructure in Thailand for 5G. We now have a very good network with a very good customer experience, ”Mr. Deng said. “For the empowerment of the public, we have done a lot to make it more affordable and to train more talent in Thailand, and also to educate more people and leave no one behind to know about this new technology.”

Huawei supports the concept of a comprehensive digital infrastructure policy and offers plans from various superpowers around the world. Examples include the New Infrastructure Plan in China with 5G as the main component, the Next Generation EU in the European Union, the Digital New Deal in South Korea, and the Rescue Plan in the United States.

The Chinese telecommunications giant sees these digital policies as offering incentives to spur more efficient development of the digital economy, suggesting new steps Thailand can take to make 5G more beneficial.

“We believe that establishing a national 5G alliance is necessary and indispensable,” said Mr. Deng. “Take a benchmark in other pioneer countries to have a better 5G ecosystem, take 5G to the next level, enrich people’s lives, develop industry and boost the development of the digital economy. “

He said Thailand has done a great job in terms of digital policy and ecosystem. For its part, Huawei “is looking for more mergers to really inspire the whole industry and bring more people together to together help bring 5G to society,” he added.

According to ONDE research, 5G is predicted to increase Thailand’s GDP by 10%, or around 2.3 trillion baht by 2035.

Huawei envisions a 5G alliance in Thailand as having five components: information sharing, collaborative innovation, standard influence, technology support, and cross-industry exchange.

The company’s vision is to establish a platform for cooperation between the private and public sectors and cross-sector collaboration in the 5G industry to boost the development of the digital economy.

Mr. Deng closed his speech on an optimistic note, expressing his confidence that 5G will light up a better future for Thailand.

“Together we would like to bring 5G and digital technology to every person, household and organization for a fully connected, smart and low carbon Thailand,” he said.


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