How would you turn the rain?


This weather over the past week has been strange and humid. We felt awkward talking about today’s text question and thought it wouldn’t be fun if the rain wasn’t water but something else.

If you could turn rain into anything other than money, what would it be?

  • The problem is that the rain is not distributed evenly around the world. Some areas experience drought and others are flooded. If it was distributed fairly, I would like to see love, compassion and empathy shower down on the world.
  • Gasoline
  • Chocolate
  • Round-trip tickets to the world’s most dangerous airports.
  • I’ll say what I think Christine thinks … weed ??
  • Diamonds
  • Common sense
  • Gift cards
  • A feeling of calm and peace for all. After this year and a half everyone needs to relax
  • Melatonin so I can sleep at night
  • Magic cure for cancer. Wouldn’t that be the most amazing raindrops there is
  • Prayers answered.
  • Holidays…
  • thai food
  • Human kindness and love
  • Candy… duh !!
  • Wine
  • Tacos
  • Kindness, decency, common sense… or something that heals disease or pain.
  • The cure for cancer.
  • The remedy for anyone affected, regardless of their state of health, decreases their quality of life.
  • All my family with me
  • My son says it would rain food, this way all the homeless can have what they need to eat
  • Gold
  • Jelly Belly beans
  • Bondi Boost Hair Products !!
  • Margaritas
  • Love
  • Knowledge so I can keep up with technical changes … or ice cream
  • Beer
  • Bitcoin, lol. It’s not money, really.
  • World peace
  • Coffee
  • Hot sunny days
  • Contractor / builder services I didn’t say $
  • Kindness! Anyone touched by her is instantly kinder.
  • The blood of my enemies! Haha jk. Probably energy
  • Food for the hungry
  • Pizza
  • Beer
  • Time Machine…
  • The CURE for ALL the health problems people suffer from
  • If the rain could bring anything other than the rain. I wish these were messages from heaven from those we love.
  • Insulin so I didn’t have to tell my Medicare patients their co-pay is hundreds of dollars
  • Time. Never enough
  • Brain cells
  • Men
  • Puppies or kittens
  • Win lottery tickets
  • Ramen Noodles, because who doesn’t want to shower in Ramen Noodles?
  • OMG, I would turn the rain into chocolate. Can you imagine that it is raining and all you have to do is run outside and open your mouth and you have some delicious yummy chocolate running down your face and in your mouth. OMG, I could bathe in Hershey chocolate. Now i’m hungry for candy
  • I would turn the rain into a magical fat melter
  • Everyone’s here to say love, joy and I’m like … uh nachos ??
  • My husband says Hot Gogo Dancers, my first thought was Tacos. What does this say about our marriage.
  • Reece and

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