Enjoy your meal with a sea breeze at these outdoor restaurants in Pondicherry


As October arrives, the heat gives way to pleasant weather in Pondicherry, making it the best time to visit the picturesque French colonial town. The bustling city has a rich history in its tree-lined streets and has a lot to offer tourists looking for a quiet getaway, including a plethora of cafes and restaurants serving delicious European and South Indian fare. Whether you are looking for an airy place to relax with a coffee and a book or a romantic dinner al fresco, these outdoor restaurants in Pondicherry have you covered.

7 outdoor restaurants to discover in Pondicherry

Buddha Bay, White City

Located on the rooftop of the famous luxury boutique hotel The Promenade, the Bay of Buddha offers delicious dining with a view of the cool blue Bay of Bengal below. Run by Chef Prabhu Dhananjayan, the restaurant specializes in Pan-Asian cuisine and is best known for its Thai cuisine. The full menu includes the fragrant Tom Kha Kai soup flavored with lemongrass and galangal, as well as dim sum, sushi, Thai curries and desserts like mango with sticky rice, coconut pudding and their basil cheesecake. Facebook

Villa Helena Garden Restaurant, White City

Nestled in the courtyard of a 19th century mansion converted into a guest house, this restaurant is perfect for a peaceful breakfast as well as a romantic dinner. The cozy restaurant offers a wide range of dishes, from Mexican tapas and French-inspired cheese platters to Thai appetizers and Mediterranean snack foods. Try their tenderloin with wine or choose a drink from the cocktail menu. Finish on a sweet note with their creme caramel, their cheesecake or their chocolate and coffee parfait. Instagram


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