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Good Finance remedies its financial problems, develops credit offers with surgical precision, or prescribes home-based medicine for therapeutic purposes. An editorial over at

Ask your credit counselor about risks and side effects!

Let’s examine your options!


When we go to the hospital for a doctor , we are expected to, after a thorough examination, prescribe a medicine that will certainly heal us. Of course, we can go to the pharmacy ourselves and buy the “best” and “most effective” agents, according to the advertisements and the instructions of the pharmacist. Which either produces the expected results or not.

The situation in the credit market is somewhat similar. Much less uncertainty and better results can be achieved if we rely on a professional and not always believe in what is the “best” and “cheapest” offer based on superficial advertising.

Which one should I choose …


The attached figure illustrates that there is plenty of lender application and at first glance all are the same. Just none of the borrower’s situation is too encouraging…

Size matters …

Let’s choose a size first!

Have you ever tried to cut bread with a plastic knife?
If so, I guess you wouldn’t do it either.

No matter what purpose, what bank and what loan product we choose for loans. Perhaps the biggest difference today in the credit market is the amount of credit that can be lent. It is based on a real case that we get a loan amount of 4.5 million HUF in one bank and 8.5 million in one bank for the 10 million flats to be purchased .

You may not still need to mortgage your parents’ apartment as an additional security?

Hold the money!


After that, let’s look at the installment details and how it is calculated.
For the same $ 5 million loan, there may be a monthly difference of $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 in installments.

How much in 20 years?
Yes, well over one million or two hundred thousand…. Let’s spend it on ourselves!

Credit Trap / Credittrap

Our banks are fond of telling us what good competition has created for us.
However, they are not talking about the harsh pricing tricks they use just to get to them first.

Each bank has its own unique credit assessment system, which can only be experienced through many, many credit transactions.
We already had a lot of deals.

Expertise and peace of mind


Our credit brokerage expertise is valuable to you because we have gone through the offerings of a number of banks and are able to evaluate them as chartered economists.

Our service portfolio is as complete as any large bank.

The administration is comprehensive. We give you information about the process, ask for the title deed, order a valuation, make a notarial appointment, we run to the bank, and if necessary, make insurance.

If necessary, we go home so the process can be done from home. It only takes a few hours to sign the loan agreement and the notary.

The entire process is free for customers.
Only time and information can be gained with us; you can save unnecessary costs and fees.

Let’s go together!

We consider your personal life situation, opportunities and realities far more important than the list of services.

In conclusion, the end result is much better than credit management if it is done by an experienced professional.

We will share this experience with you for free and on hire, by filling out the attached form.

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