Court blocks Thai government restrictions on coronavirus reporting



A Thai government order limiting reporting of the country’s coronaviruses was temporarily blocked by a Thai civil court on Friday.

At the end of July, the government issued an order saying it banned the sharing of information that causes “public fear” or “distorted information causing misunderstandings that affect national stability,” reported The Guardian.

Although the government argued the move was necessary to combat the spread of fake news, critics of the policy said they believed it silenced those who criticized the government’s handling of the pandemic. of coronavirus.

Earlier this week, a petition was filed against the government order by 12 organizations, which ultimately resulted in the civil court ruling that blocked the government to enforce it, Bloomberg reported.

A meager 6% of Thailand’s population is fully vaccinated, while confirmed cases of COVID-19 have continued to rise. The country reported 21,379 confirmed cases on Friday – the highest the country has seen since the start of the pandemic, according to data from the World Health Organization.

More than 5,800 people have died from the pandemic in the country.

Critics of the Thai government say the vaccine rollout has been too slow. They also criticized the way the government has handled the growing number of new cases, Bloomberg reported.

Photos of people dying on the streets of Thailand have circulated online, adding even more fury to those unhappy with the government’s response, The Guardian noted.

The country is running out of hospital facilities and has started to create a makeshift facility at Don Mueang International Airport to support the rising number of new cases.

The Associated Press reported last week that officials were rushing to have the makeshift facility ready in two weeks. It would include beds constructed from cardboard boxes, pillows and mattresses.



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