China warns Thailand to fix Covid-19 durian problem or face export ban


Officials at the Mohan border checkpoint in China have given Thailand 5 days to resolve the issue of traces of Covid-19 found on exported durian. According to a report by Nation Thailand, Chinese authorities have threatened to ban the export of Thai durian if the problem is not resolved. Sanchai Puranachaikiri of the Thai Fresh Fruit Traders and Exporters Association says the warning came in a letter from border officials in China.

According to the letter, officials at the Mohan border detected traces of Covid-19 on durian from Thailand. It is understood that this has happened several times in random fruit tests. Last Saturday, 82 durian trucks arrived at the checkpoint, 6 of which found durian with traces of the virus.

The Thai Fresh Fruit Traders and Exporters Association is calling on the Thai government to temporarily ban exporters who do not take adequate measures to prevent contamination. Sanchai says these companies should halt operations for 2 weeks in order to resolve the issue.

He also wants the government to stop the export of durians for 7 days, to clear about 100 pending durian shipments and allow them to enter China first. He says that if exports continue, new shipments will get stuck with old ones, making the situation even worse. In addition, Sanchai calls on the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to work with provincial agricultural bureaus to enforce the standards of the Good Agricultural Practice Plus policy.

On Monday, the Agricultural Affairs Bureau of the Chinese city of Guangzhou posted on Facebook that there are strict Covid-19 prevention measures at the Mohan checkpoint. The office reminded exporters to check their products and take preventive measures to avoid contamination.

THE SOURCE: Nation Thailand


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