Chevron supports Thailand in fight against COVID-19



Since last year, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a widespread impact on Thai society and economy. Relevant agencies, including public health authorities, have vigorously implemented measures to curb the pandemic. By joining forces with these efforts, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd. has made a series of contributions to support frontline medical staff and related government agency initiatives to help Thailand on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Chatit Huayhongtong President of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd., said, “Chevron has been operating in Thailand for nearly six decades and while providing a reliable energy supply to the Thai people, Chevron has also engaged in partnerships and investments in health, education and economic development to make advancing progress and strengthening the communities where we operate as well. like assistance in times of crisis. Since the start of the pandemic, Chevron has mobilized local teams to help public health agencies cope with the impact of the pandemic. Over the past year, with an approximate budget of 20 million Baht, Chevron has provided much-needed medical supplies and funds to frontline health authorities and leveraged invaluable innovation and expertise to enable government agencies to accelerate progress towards an equitable, sustainable and resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. “

Strengthening the front line to better fight COVID-19

Chevron has put in place a series of supportive initiatives to bolster the healthcare industry’s COVID-19 response. This included the provision of medical supplies such as motorized air-purifying respirators, positive pressure isolation chambers, N95 masks, safety glasses and protective suits to hospitals and government agencies in provinces of Thailand such as as Bangkok, Songkhla, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Chonburi and Samut Sakhon. . CALTEX starcash cards worth 125,000 baht were also donated to facilitate transportation of COVID-19 patients managed by Banphaeo General Hospital, Samut Sakhon Hospital, Krathumbaen Hospital, Nakhon Tha Hospital Chalom and Mae Sot Hospital. In addition, 500,000 baht was donated to the Songkhla Nakarin Hospital Foundation to support Songkla’s COVID-19 relief efforts.

Advancing resilience to future pandemics through R&D

Chevron has awarded a research grant of 1 million Baht to the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Science at Chulalongkorn University, to implement their research project “K9 Dogs Sniff COVID- 19 ”to train K9 dogs in bio-detection. and screen for COVID-19 patients. Initial results showed that trained K9 dogs were able to distinguish COVID-19 patients from healthy individuals with an accuracy of 94.8%. Recently, the project was approved and obtained permission from the Department of Disease Control to extend the operation of the project to public areas in the near future. The project has also attracted the attention of other government agencies who wish to train biodetection dogs for medical purposes. The project will not only contribute an important tool in the fight against COVID-19, but the main findings of this study can be applied further in the training of bio-detection dogs to help identify other various diseases in the to come up.

Support for the national vaccination mission in the race for collective immunity

To support the National Mass Vaccination Plan to Boost Collective Immunity to COVID-19, Chevron has provided Chulalongkorn Hospital and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Medical Services Department with laptops and computer equipment. with a combined value of 2.7 million baht. The donation aims to accelerate public access to available vaccines and to ensure a quality service during vaccinations.

Additionally, IT and process improvement experts at Chevron conducted site surveys to help design more efficient workflows from a COVID-19 vaccine distribution center in Samut Sakhon, using a Design approach. Thinking. The optimized workflow has been offered to the Ministry of Public Health for on-site adoption at the province’s five COVID-19 vaccine distribution centers. These service centers are expected to immunize around 10,000 people per day.

Artit Krichphiphat, Managing Director of Business Support, Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production, Ltd., said, “In addition to existing relief efforts, Chevron is purchasing additional medical supplies and seeking opportunities to provide continued technical and financial support to affected agencies. Our investments are aimed at strengthening Thailand’s mission in the face of the current crisis as well as supporting capacity building to refine the response to future pandemics. As a human energy company, we believe in the power of humanity to solve any challenge. Together with our partners, we will overcome the challenges of this crisis ”.



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