Chaophraya Leeds Review: The Amazing Thai Restaurant With One Dish That Stands Out


When I got an email announcing that two-fifths of the Chaophraya Leeds menu is now vegan and one more load is vegetarian, I didn’t fall off my chair initially.

I had been there once before and vaguely remembered the food was delicious – but I’m not a vegan so I don’t have the same “oh my god finally” reaction that true plant lovers must feel every time. once a restaurant recognizes they pay money too.

Yet my girlfriend is a vegetarian and I’m pretty sure I loved my last visit before I even stopped thinking fish and chips was culinary nirvana so I had an idea we would be there for a meal. fantastic.

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We booked an early dinner slot on Tuesday and immediately realized this place had never died.

Inside Chaophraya

The butler guided us to a table for two at the end of the sumptuous interior, tastefully decorated with oriental touches like a smiling Buddha or delicate blinds separating the tables.

We ordered a matcha melon cocktail and a pint of Singha beer while we unfolded the folded menu.

It took me a while to gauge where I would like to go among the vast array of choices as my girlfriend went straight to the “From the Garden” section. This includes five starters, five stir-fries, two curries and two salads.

To start, we opted for the steamed shrimp and chicken dumplings and the vegetable spring rolls.

Chaophraya Leeds Vegetable Spring Rolls

The dumplings were decorated with flower petals and looked really great on the plate.

They also tasted amazing. The subtle flavors of chicken and shrimp were complemented beautifully by the soy sauce.

I was only allowed one spring roll, but we both agreed that they were remarkably light without the mushy fat you can sometimes get.

Inside the carrot, the cabbage, mushrooms, and glass noodles retained their crispness and just a pinch of the sweet chili sauce brightened up every bite perfectly.

Chaophraya Leeds Pork Belly Pad Thai

For my main course, I chose Chaophraya’s self-proclaimed “staple” Pad Thai with pork belly.

It was one of those dishes that would likely be the culmination of the meal if a pretentious little fork were delicately arranged on a slit of bamboo shoots.

But it was too sweet for me so the mound I got was too much.

The tamarind sauce flooded the egg and pork belly pieces with sweetness, so the sides of crushed peanuts, chili and lime acted as a vital respite and shattered the texture of the dish.

Chaophraya Leeds Thai Red Pumpkin Curry

On the other hand, the Thai red pumpkin curry – which is probably the best meal choice you can have in winter – was amazing.

My girlfriend asked to downgrade the three chilies next to the more conservative two menu, but it was still unmistakably spicy.

And once we tasted it, there was no choice but to bite the bullet and plow through the heat to finish off a dish out of the ordinary.

The creamy sauce was high in a sweet pumpkin and permeated everything in the bowl, with pumpkin seeds giving the curry an occasional crunch.

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Overall the meal came in at £ 62.50 and was well worth it considering the quality of the food.

We even decided halfway through our main courses to try and reserve a much larger table for Christmas Eve.

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