ASIA / THAILAND – Increase in infections due to Covid-19 and openness to tourism: missionaries alert



ASIA / THAILAND – Increase in infections due to Covid-19 and openness to tourism: missionaries alert


Chiang Mai (Agenzia Fides) – “The pandemic situation is not improving, infections are increasing and the situation is very serious. To date, more than 6,000 cases have been recorded, including 207 in prisons ”. The number is increasing and the management is uncontrollable ”, writes to Agenzia Fides the Father Ferdinando Pistore, missionary fidei donum of the parish of Saint Francis of Lamphun in the north of Thailand.
“Another containment is not possible because the economy would not resist and it is by no means possible to overcome it. The immunization situation is slow, with less than 10 million people vaccinated with the first dose and less than 3 million with the second. The supplies have not arrived, we currently have the two Chinese vaccines and Astra Zeneca, all other approved vaccines have yet to arrive “, explains the missionary.
“As a minimum cure in Bangkok, for example, where infections are more complicated to deal with due to the variations, they decided to shut down targeted places and make small red areas. Another experiment they attempted to do is to create a tourist island where tourists can arrive with the vaccination certificate and spend 14 days, under very strict rules, in Puket. If after 14 days they are negative, they can also go sightseeing in Thailand. In the north here – writes Fr. Ferdinando – at the moment the situation seems more “rosy”, at least in Lamphun. But in Chiang Mai and in the neighboring provinces, the problems persist especially for people who come and go from the capital and the areas. Before Christmas, there were less than 4,000 infections recorded in the country while today, in one day, there are more than 6,000. Currently, in total, the infected are more than 243,000, with 61 deaths in one day ”.
“This is the Covid-19 situation at home, while unfortunately we have no news about Myanmar: confidentially, we tried to find someone who could bring drugs there, but once they crossed the border or arrive in the woods we do not know any more, if they are distributed, to what extent and to whom. The Burmese immigrant community present here continues to work with us. In our parish of Lamphun, since Sunday in Albis we have been closed and we could only open last Sunday for mass, we cannot meet, the only thing was to maintain contact with boys and girls online to show our attention and our presence, while in the villages everything is still closed. Chiang Mai Cathedral had been open on a Sunday but closed the following Sunday. We do not see how the situation can evolve without a more extensive vaccination campaign “, concludes Fr Pistore. (FP / AP) (Agenzia Fides, 07/05/2021)




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