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Yoabank is the French leader in the consumer credit market. Since 2010, their product range has expanded with savings and insurance products. Over the past few years, the company has carried out a lot of awareness-raising activities on the benefits of consumer credit and has committed to managing “responsible credit”. Yoabank is very present in advertising, whether in the TV campaign with these offbeat campaigns, in the press and on the web.

Yoabank: their credit offers

Yoabank: their credit offers

To be able to compare Yoabank rates with the best offers on the market and obtain an answer in principle without obligation, just use our credit comparator.

Financial companies regularly change their offers to attract the profiles that interest them. We therefore raise the rates of the largest credit organizations every day to offer a ranking of the best rates.

Yoabank is one of the best organizations on all important criteria (rate, level of acceptance, customer service, monitoring), as evidenced by our ranking below. Now let’s review all the credit offers offered by this historic organization.

The best organizations and their benefits

The Yoabank personal loan is a consumer loan without proof of use of money, which can be used freely

  • Amount: from $ 500 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 6 to 84 months

The insurance of this type of loan is optional but it makes it possible to secure oneself in the event of difficulties of repayment following incidents of life. The various guarantees of this borrower insurance are as follows:

  • Death or disability guarantee
  • Health or accident coverage
  • Unemployment: this guarantee is optional when you take out borrower insurance. This guarantee fully or partially covers your monthly payments to be reimbursed in the event of loss of employment following a dismissal.

Yoabank car loan

It is the product adapted to finance the purchase of a new or used vehicle with or without contribution.

  • Prerequisite: justify the purchase of a vehicle
  • Amount: from $ 500 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 6 to 84 months

New : Yoabank launched the used car loan valid for 6 months. This reserved loan is dedicated to the financing of used cars and will especially simplify things for buying a used car. It may be asked at first without knowing exactly which car we are going to buy. The money will not be made available until the car is found. And as long as you don’t buy a car, this loan costs nothing.

Yoabank works credit

The Yoabank works credit offers attractive rates. To be able to obtain it, it will be necessary to justify its work.

  • Prerequisite: justify the completion of work
  • Amount: from $ 500 to $ 75,000
  • Duration: 6 to 84 months

Like a personal loan, you can complete your credit application with borrower insurance.

Credit repurchase

• The purchase of consumer loans

Eligible product for both tenants and owners who have several consumer loans and who wish to combine them into one.

Prerequisite: have several consumer credits:

  • Amount: from $ 500 to $ 99,999
  • Duration: 12 to 84 months

• The purchase of consumer and real estate loans

Product eligible only to owners who wish to reduce all of their monthly payments and in particular that of their mortgage.

Revolving credit

Yoabank revolving credit is adapted to cope with unforeseen events and therefore last-minute money needs.

  • Amount: from $ 500 to $ 4,000
  • Duration: 6 to 60 months

With this revolving credit, you have the choice between several repayment speeds. To simplify the use of revolving credit, it is possible to associate it with a Visa bank card. This offer is particularly suited to needs around a 1000 USD loan.

Note: the revolving credit can be associated with the Cpay Mastercard or not, depending on the choice of the borrower.

Yoabank: their other products

Yoabank: their other products

The Cpay Yoabank bank card

The Cpay Yoabank card from the Mastercar network offers the following advantages:

  • Payment facilities: cash or credit choice
  • Tips
  • Loyalty points

How to apply for a Yoabank loan?

How to apply for a Yoabank loan?

From our comparator

Our credit comparator integrates Yoabank, like its main competitors such as Bankil and Bankate. Our comparator does several things:

  • See a classification only based on the APR rate
  • Get an immediate policy response from each of the top three organizations

A simple and effective way to get up to three answers without having to browse different sites from different organizations. When Yoabank is among the three best specialists for its project, the organization, connected to our tool, is able to provide immediate advice.

Directly on Yoabank

Directly on Yoabank

At the end of the entry, you get a response in principle online. Either the request is refused (file under study) or he obtains a first agreement in principle. Entering a form will take 5-10 minutes.

In the event of a favorable opinion, the credit agreement can be downloaded and printed and / or received by post. To obtain financing, you must return the duly completed contract as well as the supporting documents requested.

We will also note a strong presence of Yoabank on social networks, in particular on facebook. They are very active there and do not hesitate to interact with them on these new media. 

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