90 day fiancé: the 10 most heartwarming couples


90 day fiancé is best known for the dire relationships and questionable choices of the cast members. It made for some super memorable viewing experiences. However, not all of the couples featured on the show are plagued by drama and toxicity.

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Some of the couples who have been on the show are incredibly heartwarming and have lasted for many years. While many of the couples on the show serve as uplifting tales, other couples are great examples of healthy, sweet relationships where both partners genuinely care about each other.

ten Chantel and Pedro

While things aren’t always flowers and rainbows for this couple, when they’re on the same page, they have a very sweet and endearing relationship. Pedro and Chantel seem to be able to openly discuss anything with each other, showing brutal honesty at times.

In addition to their open communication style, Pedro and Chantel seem to like each other as people as they often laugh at each other and make jokes.

9 Mélanie and Devar

Melanie and Devar seemed to support each other throughout their stint on the show, starting with season 3. Devar bonded with Melanie’s son from a previous relationship, becoming very close to his child.

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Additionally, Melanie was patient with Devar and tried to make sure he felt at home in his new country when he left Jamaica for the United States. One of the few times the show has shown a healthy and successful relationship, Melanie and Devar are still married and have a daughter together.

8 Kyle and noon

90 Day Fiancé Kyle Noon

Kyle and Noon were one of the 90 day fiancé ‘the most discreet couples in the series. Their time on the show was refreshing without drama. The couple seemed to genuinely enjoy each other’s company and support each other.

Noon actually encourages Kyle to reconnect with his estranged mother. Likewise, when Noon was unhappy with Kyle’s bachelor pad living situation, Kyle changed him ASAP and got a better place for himself and his new wife. Two of the most relevant actors in 90 day fiancé, this couple is still going strong.

7 Danny and Amy

South African Amy traveled to the United States to be with Danny, a missionary. Even though Amy struggled with homesickness, the couple’s bond never wavered. Danny provided a shoulder to cry on for his fiance and later his wife.

The two had a lot in common that even the casual viewer of their season could see. On the same wavelength several times throughout their relationship, as seen in the series, the couple had a romantic partnership.

6 Robert and Anny

Robert and Anny had a lot of laughs for Season 7 due to the couple’s brutal honesty and Robert’s cheap manners. However, this couple was more than a comedic relief.

The couple showed great dedication to each other. Anny loved both Robert and her young son from a previous relationship. Treating Robert’s son as his own, Anny and Robert formed an adorable and loving family bond. Since their stint on the show, the couple have welcomed two children.

5 Loren and Alexei

Loren Brovarnik-Alexei Brovarnik-beard new look-90 Day Fiancé

Opposites seem to attract for this couple. However, their differences seem to balance out. With Loren breaking Alexei out of his shell while Alexei helps Loren be more down to earth. The two laugh at each other but always lightly.

During their time on the show, the couple had their fair share of arguments, but they were never malicious or toxic. Instead, the two would discuss their issues with respect and honesty. Their relationship has even been called the perfect couple by some fans.

4 Rachel and Jean

Often faced with obstacles in obtaining a Visa for Brit John, this couple has faced many external issues but never faced the issues that arise from their actual relationship.

Rachel and John understood and accepted each other’s circumstances and situations. The two have always been shown to discuss their disagreements calmly and with maturity without resorting to childish tactics. John’s bond with Rachel and her daughter Lucy was adorable and showed a caring family unit despite being an ocean apart.

3 David and Annie

Meet at a karaoke bar in Thailand, this iconic 90 day fiancé couple never seem to run out of fun and laughter. The couple seem to be the best friends in the world. David always tries to make Annie as happy as possible and she does the same for him.

Their relationship has gone through many storms, from financial issues to family feuds, but they are still together and stronger. David and Anny even started a business together selling Annie’s homemade Thai food.

2 Kenny and Armando

Armando Rubio Kenneth Kenny The Other Way In The 90 Day Fiancé

This couple shows a real concern and concern for the well-being of the other. Kenny sympathizes with Armando and his struggles with his family. Meanwhile, Armando always strives to be honest in his relationship with Kenny, conveying his thoughts and feelings to his partner.

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The two have open communication besides showing their love for each other. Their humorous jabs show that they are playful with each other and don’t take each other too seriously. On the other hand, when one is upset, the other always provides a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to.

1 Kirlyam and Alain

Brazilian Kirlyam and American Alan have been a fan favorite of 90 day fiancé since their transition to Season 1. Their highly regarded status is no doubt due to the beauty and health of their relationship.

The couple could play with each other while being a useful and mature support system for each other in times of need. For example, when Kirlyam experienced severe bouts of homesickness, Alan always tried to make her feel better, but he always did so in a way that didn’t minimize her feelings.

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