9 places in the three cities that have the best milkshakes [LIST]


Who has the best milkshakes in the Tri-Cities?

Nothing beats a milkshake and here in the Tri-Cities we have several places where you can grab a creamy and milky blend that will blow your mind.

As a child, I remember watching a sad episode of Lassie and crying. My adoptive mother gave me a small bowl of ice cream and I have always associated it with feeling better after being sad. It’s the same with milkshakes, if I’m having a hard day, I like an after-work milkshake to make myself feel better.

There are a lot of great places to have a milkshake in the Tri-Cities and I thought we were going to break down some of our favorite places to grab a cold one.

I think you will find obvious favorites but thanks to the Facebook group, Everything about the Tri-Cities, they’ve posted not-so-obvious places to grab a milkshake in the Tri-Cities and even a place in Walla Wall that’s worth exploring. Take a look at our nine picks and let us know who we might add to the list.

9 places in the Tri-Cities that have the best milkshakes!

Who has the best milkshakes in the Tri-Cities? We know and we have the list for you below

This is our list of great places to grab a milkshake in the Tri-Cities. Did we miss someone from our list? Let us know so that we can update our list in the near future.

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